Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kiss of Happiness

Grrrr...the Kougar is in a grrrr-ing mood. Not helped by the tumble-chaos of hormones, and not the fun kind. Except when she's writing those deliciously hot smut scenes, which she just did for her cursed goddess and her hero, an ongoing work in progress.
Let me curl into a comfortable position and pose a question, my Big Kittie Lovers, what is happiness to you?
Do you know anyone, in this current day and age (headed for the 2012 showdown) -- do you know anyone who is truly happy?
I don't mean moments of happiness or even a day of happiness...but, do you know anyone who is fundamentally happy?
When the Kougaress peers out at the world, at the so-called stars and celebrities, at the foppish over-dressed politicians and their cohorts, at all the martial law authority figures telling us how we can live and how we cannot, and at all the nanny whiny ninnies telling us how we can live and how we cannot -- when she stealthily walks among the good and decent and loving humans going about their everyday lives...there is no happiness in their eyes. No sparks of fire in the depths of their beautiful human eyes for life, for living. No zest (forget the soap). No fundamental happiness.
However, dear Big Cats, the Kougar's observations may be quite faulty. She did lose her seventies rose-colored glasses quite some time ago. If anyone finds them she would appreciate their immediate return. And offers a huge reward only to be discussed at the time the aforementioned glasses are returned.

Wishing you a deliciously hot kiss from your hero or heroine....and wishing you the kiss of happiness during his holiday season.

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