Sunday, December 30, 2007

Luscious Sunset Kisses

Another sunset spectacular here on the tame prairie, dear Big Kittie Lovers. More luscious gown shades for the Kougaress, beginning with a pale wintry yellow and descending down to the deep peach blush against the darkening horizon. Yes, the Kougar could live inside a fabric shop since she adores every manner, texture and color of fabric. Insert eager purring here. Yes, fabric is heaven's touch to *bliss-purring* moi.
Indeed, the drapes inside Tara's mansion were just the green infamous velvet waiting to adorn Scarlett O'Hara beauty.
Sidenote: Any of you Big Wonderful Cats remember Carol Burnett's spoof of that scene in Gone With the Wind? When she strolls down the grand curve of stairs, the curtain rod for shoulders. Moi has never laughed and yowled so long and deliciously hard...well, she has, but that is a belly squeezer to remember.
And, speaking of lightness of being, where has it gone? For some of you night owl cats out there, the name Art Bell will need no further explanation. For those of you who aren't familiar with Art and his Coast to Coast radio empire, built amidst the plethora of everything politically ugly...may the Kougaress suggest a prowl through Google?
Yesterday meow-moi listened to a rebroadcast of an early 2001 show on the granite starship, an utterly soul-captivating and enthralling experience unto itself, however, and here's the darn kicker -- whenever the Kougar listens to those earlier radio shows she hears true hope, a lightness of being despite all the woes. Not so now. Darkness prevails over all. The mud of darkness is so thick around us all, my dear Big Cats, we are constantly stained, constantly covered, constantly trying to flick the sticky stuff off our paws. No, there is no avoidance unless your spiritual advancement has reached the clouds and lives in the astral beyond.
Perhaps, we must all light more candles in this world of smothering darkness. And perhaps, that should be our New Year's Eve resolution.

Luscious sunset kisses from the Kougar...

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