Monday, December 17, 2007

Adventure's Kiss

Hello Big Kittie Lovers, today it's all about the Kougar and the American Title IV contest. Lope on over to -- vote for your fave! after reading the story summary entries, excitingly entertaining indeed! Purr, happy purr! The Kougar is always intrigued, belly-tickled and yes, amused by the judges remarks. She is also baffled sometimes, by the judges most carefully pondered responses. No, not to her paw-precious entry -- at least, she is so spared this go around, but to her fellow finalists.
While the Kougar's ability, gained through many years upon the Mother, to understand a particular judge's point-of-view, is in great working order, she remains a bit baffled by the lack of adventurous forays into new writing territory. To meow-moi's view there is a vast savanna between poor and horrible writing and a story that may be on the cutting edge of culture's need to stride forward toward a superior future. Or just a good story who's time has come to be told for the enjoyment of many, beyond the good ole' tried and true. Tried and true aside, and certainly regarded as generally good by the Kougar -- still the new-grown savanna, the new hunt for a meal not yet tasted, and merely the unexplored savanna of life -- isn't that of social value, of true happiness value? Gee? and purring-rumble, wasn't that the vital essence of Star Trek?
Or -- Reading (romances preferred), the final frontier...Where no Kougar has loped before...
Where is Captain's Kirk's Over-Voice when moi needs it?
Yowling for William Shatner...yowling for William, the Kougaress is not stalking the slick strange hilarious streets of Boston Legal in search of the illustrious Enterprise Captain, now indulging in a holo deck fantasy as a mad cow flamingo lawyer who knows how to win legal cases by being simply, Denny, it is just too much for the Universe to ask.
For all those Big Cats who adore the magical and the paranormal in their reading repertoire check out our launch of Title Magic, the ATIV blog.

Below the Kougar humbly offers what would have been her entry, if she hadn't been eliminated.

Story Summary for Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis:

In 2051, murder is rare in New Atlantis. The risen land of the antediluvian empire, Atlantis, is now a sovereign land colonized by freedom fighters from the former USA, survivors of the Conflicts fought against the New World Order’s attempt to openly rule the world. A Jackie O look-alike is murdered inside her Gardenia, New Atlantis motel room. To Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing it looks like the horrific work of a serial killer from the Federal Union, the Hair Spray Killer, his unlucky thirteenth victim. In a gesture of cooperation she invites the Federal Union Agent in charge of the case, Zryphus Dolen Vasquoz, to assist her in the investigation. Arrogantly, Agent Vasquoz assumes he will be taking over, a notion smashed by the Sheriff. After all, she’s in charge and women run New Atlantis. The battle of the sexes sizzles between them immediately. Zryphus has found the woman he wants to marry. Kalypso has sworn off men forever. Since the protection of citizens is her highest priority, she needs his help to swiftly capture the notorious Hair Spray Killer, a chihuahua shifter – and help her figure out who wants the diary Jackie O may have been murdered over – a newly found diary written by Jacqueline Kennedy during her White House years. When the Hair Spray Killer comes after Kalypso, Zryphus won’t let her out of his sight or their bed. However, the hidden group pulling the Killer Chihuahua’s strings, wants New Atlantis under their thumb – using every necessary evil.

Adventure's kiss from the Kougar...


Mel Hiers said...

Oh, Savanna, I'm sorry that didn't get to appear on the RT site! :-( Your plot sounds fantastic!

And I've fallen behind on reading you, but I have you on an RSS feed, so I won't miss any more. *grin*

Savanna Kougar said...

Mel, you are so kind. Certainly magic to my author ears.

Holli Bertram said...


I've been so busy, I'm just catching up on my blog reading. What a great summary. I LOVE the idea of a diary of Jackie O's turning up. What a creative idea. Please keep posting your entries. I want to read more.

Holli Bertram said...

Whoops, wrote too fast. Should have said "I love the idea of Jackie O's DIARY turning up." Duh.

Savanna Kougar said...

Holli, thanks so much! I hadn't thought of that at all until is just happened in the story, then became a stronger and stronger focal point. With descendents of JFK showing up as characters.