Monday, December 3, 2007

Passionate Ink Kisses

The sun is sinking, my Big Kittie Lovers, an intense bright yellow -- the shade of yellow with gold inside and a hint of mustard splashed on top of it. It's a yowling ick sort of day so far for the Kougaress, a health issue...
However, the Kougar has been eagerly prowling the latest novel offerings displayed by the author members of, in Booknotes -- a place for readers to check out which erotic romance they are most famished for next, such a gourmet of various tastes, which always delights the Kougaress. Yum, many deliciously naughty stories to lap up. Whatever your individual preference...and the Kougaress has always been a fierce defender of individual rights. Roar!!! Individual preferences for All.
Liberty, it is the meat of the Kougar's life.
Roaring yes! Give me reading liberty, or give me the death of those who would deny me. Who would deny anyone else.
Disclaimer: By death -- the Kougar means, not physical death beneath the power of her teeth and claws, but the death of one's ability or power to halt the liberty of another.

Oooooo! My lovely Big Cats, sundown now blazes across the tame prairie horizon in the most glorious passionate ink neon red...amazing, divinely amazing. The artistic paw of the Creatoress favors us.

Passionate ink kisses from the Kougar...

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