Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kiss for Route 66

A Kougar kiss for Route 66, the memories. Route 66 where are you? Lost in the mists of time and myth and legend like the immortal icon, James Dean. In her youth, when road trips were still a true adventure, the Kougar got a taste of driving along Route 66. What a sweet wild rush, the freedom to just drive, to speed around curves and through the night between small towns with outrageously wonderful and outrageously cheesy neon signs. The cowboy and cowgirl ones were the Kougar's favorite.
Driving now, driving then, no comparison. The fun has definitely left the roads. Now it's all seat belts and gps and cops who believe in martial law more and more each day. It's cell towers tracking your every move and soon, if some have their evil way, toll roads. Toll roads to make you pay for what you've already paid for via gasoline taxes. Toll roads for the sake of power, the power to control us all, to control one of our basic freedoms in our beloved nation -- the freedom to travel unhindered among the states.
James Dean and those like him during the repressive fifties era fought for and tried to live their vision of freedom. They lost. I like Ike warned us all in the best way, to paraphrase, beware of the military industrial complex. We didn't 'beware'. And we have all lost. We live in a world which sells us on safety, but becomes less and less safe every moment of every day. We live with a government that tells us it's all for our safety, but it's really about THEM controlling us.
Freedom...speed, that which lives in the Kougaress's soul as most treasured. And that which is being lost like a thousand bloody cuts everyday. Which is why the Kougaress's orange sunset prairie is even more precious to her -- every single day.

Hey! Big Kittie Lovers, speed on over to Title Magic for Mai's illuminating words on speed, the other side, when speeding past your life no longers works for your soul or your life's journey.
Below is purr-moi's comment:
Mai, well said about 'speeding' too fast through life, or on your journey through life. Love for others and demonstrating that love is far more important, and how I've tried to live since that lightbulb realization. However, I'm a gal who loves speed, whether in a car, or on horseback -- hey, I'd go for a rocket ride if I could, which is one of the joys of writing, getting to write what you love, but isn't allowed, and the freedom of speed in our culture has been mostly eliminated unless you're a Nascar criver. Route 66 where are you?

Route 66 kisses from the Kougar...

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