Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shiver Cold Kisses

*Brrrr* cubs, it's cold outside. Shiver cold kisses from the Kougaress to all. The wind is whipping arctic chill around as if it means it. Of course, considering winter officially begins December 21 by order of Father Sun...yes, winter looms like a giant preparing to blow blast after blast of cold at us, his cheeks pumping like bellows... never mind, often the Kougaress' imagination races much too wild and out-of-control.
Friday night, December 21, 2012 or the apocalyptic end of the Mayan calendar -- like the subject of my futuristic novella, When a Good Angel Falls, do you ever wonder, do you ever let your imagination run wild?
Indeed, Big Kitty Lovers, what will the future look like then -- endless savannas of romping paradise? Sure, I lick my chops with that sarcasm.
What if you started from this day, projected from every current trend you see, peered into the future like a crystal ball psychic, how would you write the future? Our future?
Or, if you could write your own script, like the 'masters of your own destiny' crowd, how would you write your 2012 future, my darling Big Cats? What is your savanna paradise...yes, all my lovely big kitties out there on the strange playground of Earth, how would you create the paw prints of your life?

Futuristic kisses from the Kougar

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