Thursday, December 13, 2007

Raining Ice Kisses the Prairie

It's raining ice here on the big kitty prairie. Spears of ice fall, glimmering their fantasy brightness from the aged tree outside my favorite window. The tree forms a huge v at the base before spreading upwards into the wild blue yonder...well, an exaggeration, but Ms. Tree is tall with her age, her limbs pruned by the savage methods of nature many times. Crash, crash on the ground, and smacking bangs on the Kougar's domain, the coating of ice falls in every shape and size. It looks like a strange rain fall, but loud and wonderful and glittering tiny, tiny rainbows all the way down. The sun is finally shining again on the prairie so beautiful, deep with grass, the tan grasses cover the thick green grass beneath a sky of moderate soft blue. Tame thin puffs of cloud hang in the southern sky, left over from the gray blanket of yesterday.

Hey Big Kittie Lovers if you're an extreme-passion romance writer, if you have a sweet hot taste for the erotic, if you're published or unpublished this may be the contest for you. Info directly from the Passionate Ink Forum:
Hi Inkers,we want to make this the best year yet for the Passionate Plume and Stroke of Midnight. Please help us spread the word. If you are a member of any other chapters, writing groups, websites, crit groups, etc, please spread the word about the contests. The info can all be found on the Contests page at

Raining ice kisses the prairie with much-needed moisture. Thank you, Divine Bast.

A loving smooch to All from the Kougar...

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