Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kisses from the Cub-Child

Traversing the crazy quixotic world of dreams, the Kougar has given birth to a wild child ferocious cub. Being in her human form at the time this seemed particularly odd. The father shall remain nameless, since he was nameless in the dream and hardly aware of his progeny. This is hardly surprising given the sudden 'yay! painless birth and the fact that it might as well have been another case of immaculate conception.
No, my Big Kittie Lovers, no romping yowling mating fun at all in this dream. Just a cub the Kougaress kept trying to take care of, who did love his mommy. Maybe that's the good news of the dream...a loving mother and her cub-child.
Ahhh, the christmas time of year...the birth. Perhaps an opportunity for the birth of new love on our blue marble spinning world. Love as a spiritual force. Love between parent and child. Love between woman and man. Love between couples. Love between in all it's wonderful warm facets. Love.
The birth of new love...the Kougar likes that...purring rumble purr...a purring smile.

Kisses from the cub-child and his mother...

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