Friday, December 7, 2007

Dream Walker Kisses

My, my the Kougar has been dream walking through her epic sagas lately. Perhaps, because she has been allowed some actual sleep time. Dreams are usually highly frustrating for the Kougar, all that wacky ridiculous icky symbolism to wade through *here the Kougar picks up her paw shaking off the water, yet is still determined to drink and cross the stream's gentle rushing shine*...
However, this dream just before waking, this saga of simply trying to have happiness -- because that's what this dream boiled down to -- all the movie images and colors and emotions -- this dream experience brought such a profound insight -- not merely to the Kougaress's path through this life -- but insight into the path itself.
Yes, dear Big Kittie Lovers, the insight so profound and key to the 'why' of life here, the Kougaress will take her sweet strolling time mulling it over, tasting it thoroughly, experiencing what she has learned. She will watch this new insight evolve into wisdom. She will recover from the earthquake shock she has endured in realizing this truth of our global culture. For it shakes the very foundation of all she has ever believed in, what she has tried to accomplish for All.

Dream walker kisses from the Kougar...

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