Monday, June 8, 2009

X-Flashes, Bound by Extreme Pleasure

Cover art by the celebrated Max Ginsberg

Today, my Naughty Sexy Kittens, Jolie Caine, erotic romance author, hosted Flash Fiction Sunday at the Liquid Silver Sex blog. Her theme was seduction and bondage. Take a peek if that’s the kind of sexual heat you deliciously enjoy.

For a tasty treat, one the Kougar thoroughly and sensually rolled in ~ here’s
a scene from Wolf’s Tender, a story by Gem Sivad, author of INTIMATE STRANGERS. Naomi and Charlie, the heroine and hero, are bound by silence.

With eight sets of ears listening, there wasn’t much canoodling to be done, but Charlie turned so that he lay on his good leg, and brought her back against his chest and her rump against his groin.

They lay like that, spooning into each other’s body, one muscle at a time relaxing until there was nothing between them but clothing. His cock was rigid, her rump moved restlessly. Her breath hitched and held when he slid his hands under the hem of his buckskin shirt and took ownership of her breasts.

It wasn’t his imagination when her hips pressed back and her ass rubbed his ever growing erection. He pinched her nipples and felt her jerk and then thrust her flesh into his hands.

He buried his face in her hair to keep from groaning aloud. She pressed backward, deliberately grinding against his need. His hand snaked under the waist band of the pants she wore and cupped her mound.

She didn’t try to keep him from touching her. Her body remembered last time and her legs parted letting his fingers relearn the soft petals of her womanhood. He kept one hand on her breast, continuing to knead that luscious mound, tweaking the nipple, pulling and rotating until he could feel her shudders.

But she remained totally silent—unwilling to give voice to her passion lest she wake her students and it end.
The Kougar’s OtherWorld X-rated Flash ~

Utterly naked, I stand outside the cave-like tavern on the asteroid world of Cydez. I am bound like the other six women, who are also pet slaves. My wrists are comfortably behind my back, cuffed by wide soft leather. My nipples protrude, swollen buds captured by thin tight platinum rings. My breasts are also held captive by the fine shimmer of chain attached to the rings. The chain is taut, hooked to the railing above my head. It pulls my nipples into an ache that is sheer erotic pleasure. Wet with need, I await my master. He has business inside.

Women are not allowed inside this tavern. I feel Drok’s constant watch over me. For, I am positioned to his ready eye. There is little to do but swim in the bountiful raw sensations cascading over my flesh, to bask in the tiny motes of ecstasy that claim my mound and my nether lips. Still, I notice the races of the other women around me, as I can see them in my periphery vision. Most of them live inside the same carnal rapture. Drok strides toward me, his business finished. I don’t look upon the standing thickness of his cock.

It is his eyes that will tell me. They gleam magnificently through the oily light of dusk on this small outer-rim world. Shades of purple and azure blue cut through the dimness and I know. His large rough hands take possession of my flanks. He handles me in that way that makes me desperately want to surrender. At the same time, I want to defy him for what he arrogantly thinks belongs only to him. With his thumbs he spreads the flesh of my inner thighs enough for his ridged enormous cock to probe my folds. He strikes upwards powerfully.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 162 ~

Sylva’s first reaction was anger. Whirling before her cowboy, she demanded, “Sweetening a woman’s disposition?” His hands instantly spanned her waist and he lifted her so they were face to face. “Cherries, here, are known to nourish a female’s reproductive system. A wife is more lusty in her husband’s bed.” Sylva blinked, not entirely certain where to go with that. She certainly didn’t object to being ‘lusty’. She wanted the passion other men had denied her...still... “Sylva, I want to make love with you often. The healthier you are, the more we’ll enjoy each other as husband and wife.”

Zeke searched his beloved woman’s eyes for anything that would tell him how to handle her. “It’s okay,” she murmured. “I... it’s so different here. Please, I’d like to taste the Cherry Rootbeer.” Zeke gently settled his darling little spitfire on the floor. “Sylva, if you don’t like the taste I’ll find something you do like. I promise.” Sweeping up the frosty glass, he presented it to her. “I await your decision, my bride.” She gave him a nervous smile, took the glass and tasted a small sip. She sipped again, savoring. “Okay, you win, handsome. This is too scrumptious.”
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Gem said...

Zeke definitely is planning for the future. Sylva better like it on Earth II, because I think she's about to increase the population*grin*

Love it.

Serena Shay said...

Lady Kougar, you bring the H to hot!! Loved the Otherworld Flash!!


Savanna Kougar said...

Gem, thanks for letting me post your flash-excerpt from Wolf's Tender. I can just feel and picture that whole scene.

Lady Shay ~ meows of thanks. I was hoping it wasn't TOO over the erotic top.