Friday, June 26, 2009

Hellish Frustration, thy name is Dell...

Greetings, my loveliest Big Felines... are you feeling ridiculously sticky from the humidity? And it’s just barely summertime... oh, lordy meowwww... though, it was delightfully coolish after an early morning rainstorm for awhile today... the purring-good news, they’re alive and growing like a veritable jungle, the Big O tomatoes the Kougar doesn’t have...
Ever have one of those days where you have to shop for those things you use regularly? Okay *tail-patiently flicking” moi plowed through that successfully. Then, because the printer ink is scraping bottom, the Kougaress made a yowl-frustrating mistake. Dell, for the most part, has been absolutely hellish to order from... why? Why would a computer company create an ordering system which is a sheer nightmare to negotiate?
Heckie-rats! When moi purchased her computer... way back when now in the short life of technology... Dell’s ordering system was so poor online, she had to actually call in the order.
So today, nothing has changed except the design. It was about an hour and a half of achieving absolutely nothing!!! No, the Kougar dared to order her ink, then dared to attempt the purchase of speakers... then!!! she dared the absolutely unforgivable, she attempted to order another tower... you know, a backup just in case... well, after ‘building’ her tower... and even that didn’t work properly... well, big fat triple hell... or is that big fat triple Dell... no, the cart would never show... after several tries... never!!!
So, there’s a man moi knows who builds computers... okay, more expensive, but not that much... yep, Dell just lost this Big Cat... course, the Kougar doubts it will be of any concern to them, since she’s not a tech geek highroller.
Guess what this Big Cat girl discovered. The DTV signal does not like trees. According to her info, the analog signal follows the curvature of the Earth and is not affected by trees... no, not so the digital signal, a weaker atmosphere traveler. Oh, gee, yeah, the Kougaress is going march right out there... chain saw and hatchet in claw-hand to chop down her trees... NO WAY!!!
Down with DTV! Long live her trees!

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Just for the cowboy lovin’ big cats ~ a sneaky peekie Plot-snippet from BRANDED BY THE TEXANS...

“Jeb,” he uttered. The youngest of four brothers, he was the wild hair, and dangerously impetuous whenever he set his sights on something, or someone. Dillon guessed he might have seen a vid image of Kylie or merely heard about him roping a new bride. The McNeal brothers’ ranch lay north of their spread, and they used the intersecting trail.
“Stupid kid,” he muttered, lowering the camera.
“What’s wrong?”
Dillon spun around. His Kylie stood in the doorway of the hut, the blanket bundled beneath one arm. Hell, what now? Unwilling to lie, he answered her, “Looks like we might have unwelcome company. I’ll need to keep hold of the rifle.”

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Sylva raised her brows at the look of confusion on her cowboy’s handsome face. Inwardly, she lover-sighed over his rugged, yet gallant features. Was it possible to care this deeply, this fast for a man she’d never known until last night? Falling in love... a hormone-driven crush... yes, that could happen quicker than the snap of her fingers. “How about a large dose of caffeine?” she continued. He smiled as if he was the sun rising again. “No, darlin’. Only in the coffee. Every ingredient is just as it was created in nature – dried, or the juices and oils expelled.”

Zeke tried to wrap his mind around what his wife had described as artificial. Yet, none of the names she’d spoken were familiar to him and from her tone he suspected she didn’t like them. Smiling at him like a playful temptress, she pointed to his mug of coffee. “Take a sip.” He grinned in return and tasted his coffee. “Now what, my beauty?” She gave her hair sensual toss. “Kiss me. I want to taste...” Zeke didn’t need any more persuasion, he shot forward, cupped her head and offered his lips to her. Seductively, she slanted her soft mouth.
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...
HATE!!! > DTV> it’s a ripoff.

Have a Happy Summer...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Poetess kisses from the Kougar...


Gem said...

Sounds like the only thing that shortens life on Earth II is a bullet. Very interesting.

Serena Shay said...

Whew...pawing out Dell as my next computer purchase. That would drive me out of my kitteny skull!

DTV...I can think of a lot of d words to desribe my viewing displeasure, and not a one is digital! LOL

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem ~ the bullets do fly at times.

Serena ~ I have no clue about Dell and why it's that way. Maybe you have to have a super gamer's computer.
Actually, there are other places that sell Dell. But I dunno which ones are good.
Overall... knock on wood... the performance has been good.
BTW ~ Staples got my ink to me in one day.

Yeah, someone(s) are making a ton o' money off DTV, at our expense.