Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Purrs for Dads

Happy purrs for Dads of every stripe. You make the difference in your kids or cubs’ lives. Just by being there. By sharing your wisdom, your soul, your playfulness. By your kindness and your firm guiding hand. By your willingness to provide for and protect those you love most. By the unique gifts of yourself that you pass down to the next generation. Dads, the world needs more of you.
Roaring thanks from the Kougar...


Oh, my precious Big Cats, disappointment reigns supreme. Yet there is not a particle of surprise at the politically convoluted response to Deirde Knight’s most excellent presentation of small print and e-author’s grievances. Ms. Pershing, president of the Romance Writer’s of America, didn’t bother to descend from her ivory tower in NY print-landia long enough to glance at the real issues concerning all of us authors.
Meow-no, her long-winded pontificating is the type of fertilizer which will grow further dissent and dissatisfaction. In fact, the Kougar must wonder if that was Ms. Pershing’s true covert purpose. If not, then moi is forced to consider Ms. Pershing’s state of mental health. Her ability to face realistically what is occurring in the world of romance publishing is utterly lacking.
Indeed, sad for us all. The time has come, in this Big Cat’s opinion, to go our own way, and serve our own interests as romance authors. Indeed, to wait for the election of a new president will not solve the years of the second class citizenship afforded to small print/e-authors.


Just for the cowboy lovin’ big cats ~ a sneaky peekie X-snippet from BRANDED BY THE TEXANS...

Good Lord, his brothers were going to angrily womp on him with their words. He deserved their wrath. They’d all agreed that whichever one of them lassoed their wife, they would bring her back to the ranch without biblically knowing her. Course, they hadn’t talked about being laid up at the hut for a spell while a storm raged.
Hell’s own snortin’ bull, he’d raged more than the storm to know her, and not only with his slowly ramming cock. He’d take the punishment Dono and Dash dished out, once he’d explained.


Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 175 ~

Sylva responded to his welcoming impassioned smile. She walked toward him as he moved toward her. Setting his mug down, he embraced her waist tugging her close. His tall masculine frame felt just as sexy-splendid as she recalled. “How are you feeling, my beautiful wife?” Sylva decided he meant her state of health, rather than her emotions. “I seem to be holding my own given everything I’ve gone through. I mean coming to this Earth,” she added, so he wouldn’t think she complained about his overall treatment of her. His gaze beamed down at her. “How about some breakfast, darlin’?”

Zeke decided she had to be the softest curved woman in creation. At the same time, he felt the warrioress strength of her body and spirit. “There’s fresh fruit, a morning drink, toast and coffee,” he tempted. “I’ll order up anything you want, my Sylva. What do you usually have for breakfast?” She gave him a wan smile, yet her eyes glowed with appreciation. “Whatever I can manage in a few minutes. Breakfast has rarely been my thing. Except on special occasions.” She wiggled closer, her expression adorable. “What’s a morning drink?” Zeke gently claimed her butt, caressing. “Guaranteed nutrition.”
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...

Have a Happy Summer...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Grateful smooches to all the Dads from the Kougar...


Gem said...

Reading Earth II every morning is "guaranteed nutrition". Thanks for my morning delight, Savanna.


Serena Shay said...

Puuurfectly hawt branded snippet! Love it, Lady Kougar!

~sigh~ Ms. Pershing does indeed need to pull her head out of the sand, but with every word I further doubt that will happen... it makes me one sad kitten. :(

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem ~ thank you!
I have to have my dose of Cat Nip reading tea.

Serena, smiley purrs and rubs of thanks...

Yeah, and now there's a big split over what to do or how to handle it.
Somehow, we authors have to do our best to take care of ourselves and each other.