Friday, October 24, 2008

Zorro ~ Halloween Treat

Tonight, Zorro is moi’s early Halloween Treat, since she is rather out of sorts. A Kougar girl never forgets her first Zorro...not this Kougar kitty girl. Since moi’s brain is not up to the task of penning creatively for her bloggie, Zorro has arrived to rescue her...if only...I wish and a big romantic sigh. The Kougar’s very first Zorro ~ Walt Disney’s dashing swashbuckling Zorro astride his elegant black stallion. in the 1957 series. Of course, moi could never figure out which one she loved the best, Zorro or his black stallion, Toronado. This picture image is forever emblazoned in her memory, and is most beloved by her young heart.
Much later, a Zorro at a Halloween party set the Kougaress’s heart to tripping madly, and sent her hormones on eternally sad, the face behind the mask was definitely not the daring black-masked man. Not even comparable to Don Diego as disappointing milquetoast.
One Halloween, during moi’s fabric store employee days, the Kougar dressed up as Zorro. As she recalls this was after writing her own version of the Zorro legend, which followed in the hoof beats of the original novel, the Mark of Zorro, authored by Johnston McCulley, and written in 1919. The Kougaress’ twist on the adventure story, the heroine plays the role of Zorro, rescuing the hapless man...okay, he wasn’t really hapless...just as the heroine in the Mark of Zorro possessed her own strength, and a resolve which would do any current romance novel heroine proud.
With the dueling sword battles and the cracking whip, plus the blade-sharp repartee, writing this novel was a fascinating learning and highly creative experience for moi. And is languishing somewhere? Encased in plastic.
Hmmmm...the invisible vampire fang-strikes again. How about Zorro as a swashbuckling elegant Vampyre? Imagine the heroine is rescued only to discover her gallant, whip-wielding hero is also a creature of the night, while his black stallion is also a demon, who shape shifts...

Halloween dreaming kiss from the Kougar...

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