Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gift Sacrifice ~ Halloween is Winning

Lovely Big Cats, Halloween is winning, sinking it's vampire fangs into the Kougar. Unbidden, moi is finding her season of the witch WIPs. Just for you, Adrian Paul, who always makes a perfect tall dark and handsome vampire, and Black Cat loving Kittens ~

From moi's WIP ~ Gift Sacrifice

"I have discovered High Premier Zhaakis Durrov arrives alone. That is, without sexual companionship. He arrives within three midnights, most naturally, during the portal of All Hallow’s Eve. As you know, he requires the feeding sacrifice of blood from a true witch constantly, for as long as he remains on Earth." Vrenchria glided toward the decanter of red wine infused with fresh blood, and poured out another half a bowl for own constant thirst. Turning with fluid grace, she faced her two sisters, then continued. "If we are to impress him, and thus, encourage his choice of our leadership, we must present this sacrifice gift to him."
Bellissa joined her sister, spilling more in own crystal bowl. She languished a sip before speaking. "Yes, our gift must be the most superior ever. However, so much easier discussed than accomplished. Since the High Premier must carnally enjoy her while he feeds for the power to build within him.."
Lelzian, the youngest sister, lifted up the sheets of ancient parchment with a polished flourish. "I have deciphered what he desires in an Earth woman and his lust preferences from his previous Earth visits." The portrait of a dainty lady, Lelzian leaned back against the salon divan , covered in midnight blue velvet. Her pale blue pearls glistened perfectly against the creamy luster of her skin.
"Then, where do we find her, the High Premier’s vision of a blood sacrament woman? No current day practicing witch could be convinced of this exquisitely rare opportunity." Vrenchia elegantly glided to her victorian lounge, a shade of muted rose. "Some witches would adore one night in his bed, or would be willing to worship at his feet for the pleasure his stag-mounting loins for a few days. But would not submit to his will, or his need for feeding."
Bellissa languidly moved toward her vampire sisters , her expression one of deep thought. She arranged herself on a golden maize divan, then spoke, "Then, perhaps, a witch who does not know she is a witch. Or who does not practice as one of a coven. Her blood will taste as sweetly potent."
"Indeed, so," Lelzian agreed.
"Although we cannot use a personal singles ad or an online dating service to lure her forth," Vrenchia mused.
"We do not own the time. True." Delicately Lelzian fingered her pearls. "Perhaps Raven Ursula will assist us with scrying. The High Premier would provide favor for her Allied Covens if she finds a woman who pleases him."
"Also, she would not lose one of her true-faith witches. Thus, keeping her power matrix as strong for Samhain." Vrenchia gracefully sipped, satisfied with their infant plan so far.
"I have heard Raven Ursula maintains a list of those with the powers who are not active or associated with other Covens. She keeps an owl watch over their lives." Bellissa twirled one of her auburn curls, the ones her lovers always adored.
"What about their deaths? Does Raven watch over them?" Lelzian raised one dark brow, lady-like perfection. "What if we plucked our gift witch from the jaws of eternal rest?"
"Perhaps before her ‘time’?" Vrenchia smiled absently at the direction of her though. "And, thus, our timely assistance to the Angel of Death and to the Seraphims, who would, otherwise, be faced with returning her." Lost in the speculation of how to accomplish the impossible, Vrenchia cupped her crystalline bowl of wine and blood.
"Miracle, indeed," Bellissa spoke half in derision, half in hope. "We simply discover an unknown witch who pleases the sexual appetite of our High Premier, who is about to encounter death before her time. Within two and a half days."
"Quite the absurd challenge, indeed." Lelzian curved one side of her heart-shaped lips into a smile. "It is to be adored."
"Miracle, yes!" Vrenchia savored. "We do require such – unless we are being orchestrated by the Miracle itself." She raised both honey brown brows, the lifted her bowl to their triumph, and sipped.

Gift sacrifice smooch from the Kougar...


Ambereliz said...

Oh you are so right - there is no better tall, dark and handsome vampire than Adrian Paul :-)
Did you see the Vampire's Kiss episode in Relic Hunter? Yum!

Savanna Kougar said...

amberliz, I absolutely did!!! Loved that show! Mygawd, Adrian Paul is the yummiest.
I'm hoping to write an OtherWorld novel based on the idea of Relic Hunter.