Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spooky Space...

After Midnight Greetings, Big Slinky Cats, the Kougar is worn out from her be-prepared-for-winter shopping trip today...meow-owie...
Oh quickie joy of joys, the Kougar Kat spotted a real live turkey, probably a hen, crossing the road in a small timber-creek area along her tame prairie road, as she returned to her lair.
And two nights ago, a couple of hours until dawn, the raw and eeriest sound of coyotes moi has heard to date. Howls, fierce yips, very nearby in the pasture...then, as those shrill scary sounds faded, another pack, farther to the north in the neighbor’s cattle pasture. Two competing packs of coyote critters?
Cosmos-loving Big Cats, take a strolling glimpse of the Space Spooky pics - just claw click the link below ~
This one the Kougar is calling ~ HALLOWEEN SPIDER IN SPACE ~ and here is the info ~

A giant black widow is lurking in the Milky Way, spawning young and zapping its surroundings with intense radiation. Hanging just above the galactic plane, the Black Widow Nebula is a cloud of dust, gas and stars about 10,000 light years from Earth. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope captured wispy streams of dust, flowing like spider's legs from the centre of the nebula, where massive young stars are forming. These enfants terribles are actually spewing out radiation and particles that "are basically destroying their natal material", said Ed Churchwell, an astronomer at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, US, who led the observations. (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/E Churchwell/GLIMPSE)
Purring Voila! A revised version of the Kougar’s promo ~


Several of us Liquid Silver authors are doling out Eye Candy for Halloween, beginning at 12 Noon on Friday, October 31 ~ until 12 Noon on Saturday.
If you want to go trick or treating, the cyber way, begin at my blog for the EYE CANDY CHARMED CIRCLE. The link for the next blog will be posted on each author’s blog, until you arrive at Tina Holland’s site.
Some of us are offering an extra special treat!
The FIRST person, plus ONE drawn at random ~ who leaves a comment on my blog will have a choice of ~ either a PDF copy of RED LIONESS TAMED, or an angelic reading from my hero, Volcano, in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS.
Or...a PDF copy of BLACK CAT BEAUTY...a week after the release date.
The Kougar will be featuring some of her fave sizzle fantasies ~ WHAT IF? these sexy hunks came to her door costumed, or un-costumed like this? Then seductively inquired, "Would you like my erotic tricks, or do you want to be the sweet treat I nibble on?"
Licking-yum...and a big purr...the Kougar wants both!
Me-ow! Wow! Hunks for All Hallow's Eve. A big roaring, sizzle-soaring clue... one of them will be Adrian Paul, of course. Sigh and sweltering passions on high...
Bloggie houses to visit ~
1. Savanna Kougar ~ ~
2. Nina Pierce ~ ~
3. Jeanne Barrack ~ ~
4. Erotic Muses ~ ~
5. Paige Tyler ~ ~
6. Kate Willoughby ~ ~
7. Shara Lanel ~ ~
8. Tina Holland ~ ~

Now, just for the Big Cool Cats ~ a claw snippet from THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~

"You’re acting immature."
"Am I?" He stroked more sensually. "You can turn up that cute nose at me anytime." Super-swift, he touched a kiss to the tip of her nose. "God, you feel good laying on top of me." He pressed a lingering kiss on her chin.
Wendy closed her eyes, entranced with his sweet impassioned kiss, despite her best intentions to refuse him. "No," she murmured. "Bad Dark Hero."
He tasted her throat, as if he hungered, his warm sculpted lips delectable on her skin. Intoxicating her, he gradually dragged his mouth up to her ear. "I couldn’t have saved my brothers, or us, without you, SlashFlame Kitten, my superheroine." He grazed her earlobe, the texture of his mouth undoing her, and making her simmer exquisitely. "Do you want to know something else, my Wendy?"
She moaned, her own sensual hunger surprising her.
"You’re making us stronger."
"Stronger?" She could barely speak. Her flesh sparked with sensations of her flame, and felt decadent with pleasure.

Spooky space smooch from the Kougar...

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