Sunday, October 12, 2008

Darth Vader Rules the Skies of Earth...

Lovely Saturday evening, my Brave Big, the Kougar simply did not resist. For your dark humorous entertainment and hers...balloon-head Darth Vader rules the skies of Earth as featured at Coast-to-Coastam, the photo sent in by a listener ~

Two different balloons at the Albuquerque Int'l Balloon Fiesta. The Darth Vader balloon is a huge favorite. The ground crews even wear Stormtrooper outfits. The Alien Head was just flying overhead.

And then, the mighty super Kougaress pounces from the mountaintop. Her ferocious claws sink in, puncturing and slicing, furiously destroying this evil invader. It’s a nasty fight as she slides on the slippery surface, over and over, while clawing and struggling to stay on top of her prey. Murderously attacking, the Kougaress avoids the geysers of hissing helium by twisting as fast the fiends she hunts and kills. Swiftly, Darth Vader, the giant airhead, is on a soaring descent to strike the ground. Yowling her triumph, the Kougaress clings to the rapidly deflating villain, riding his demise until she retracts her claws, streamlines her lithe body and lands on top of a large van, not far above the shouting, ball-fisted crowd, who don’t appreciate her heroic and daring actions on their behalf. it goes...the saved rarely appreciate their salvation.

Just for the Big Halloween Cool Cats ~ Part II from moi's WIP ~ Arrival...

Not moving, holding her breath, Kristyn waited, half-expecting her lights to flicker off, and her computer screen to go blank. Then, she’d be left in total darkness, at the mercy of...a vampire? Her stomach tightened painfully. What now?
Do not be afraid, I await you now.
Stalker? Was someone just outside her window? The blood pounded in her ears, a roaring empty sound. Unlikely, since she was out in the middle of cattle country. Still, psychos could be anywhere at anytime. And this was precisely why she never watched horror movies. Fear stabbed you in the heart way before the knife plunged repeatedly into your chest.
‘Do not be afraid’, how insane was that? Kristyn quaked inside at the thought of what she would hear next, and from the words she’d heard before. Those words had been oddly powerful, definitely unique. And poetic. Yes, she had heard whoever, whatever. That she didn’t doubt. Whether it was someone outside her window, whether it was actual telepathy, or if the government spooks were playing cruel Halloween games, using their cell tower thought-implanting technology...she didn't know.
The real eeriness, the one haunting her down to her bones, was how similar the words were to the ones she’d seen on the Vampire website.
Clicking the mute button on the media player, she focused on listening, while cold shivers chased each other up and down her spine. Waiting, she heard only the loud whoosh of her own breath as she released it, then the fast drumming of her heart. Weapons, she needed a weapon.
Suddenly, the shrill yip-yip of hunting coyotes burst into the silence, coming from the north pasture behind her. As the pack moved closer, closing in on what they hunted, probably an unlucky rabbit, the sharp wild yips escalated in sound, rattling her nerves to an unbearable pitch.
Rising slowly and silently, half-frozen with fear, she moved toward the window. Willing her hand not to shake, she gradually pulled back the makeshift curtain.
I await you in the full light of the blazing orange moon. Come to me, Kristyn.

Kougaress smooch...

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