Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flash of Desire Behind the Mask

Oh, my Beautiful Kitties, the sundown sky glowed with yummy apricot light. Me-yow! Though, the winds are howling up a storm, and mighty nasty cold. It’s supposed to, no, the Kougar yowls.
Today on the
Liquid Silver SEx blog, romance author, Nina Pierce, was the sexy mistress of the mask and secrets. Roar and tease, did her flash fiction turn up the masked heat of passion. And the angel man pic, yep, Nina found him, too.
Tomorrow, my Big Spooky Cats, moi’s serial flash Cruelty... Flash of the Caribbean Vampire ~ will be continued.
And, also tomorrow, Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week will be at the Siren-BookStrand Authors blog.

Now, just for the Big Cool Cats ~ this is the beginning of a story the Kougar has been wanting to write for a couple of years now...finally, it has begun in flash fiction form...

Desires of the Mask ~

Searching, Shazetta slipped among the night’s attendees at the elegant masqued party, held every full moon, to encourage the art of seduction. She had arrived for one purpose. A virgin, she was not supposed to desire this. Yet, the unholy ache possessed every fiber of her being, especially her breasts. Even now, her nipples begged painfully, straining against the tight satin of her ebony gown’s bodice. Where was he? The one man willing to do as she asked. No, as she would plead. On bended knee, if need be. Goddess of the Moon, how her breasts throbbed, burning and demanding.

Observing her arrival, D’rourke denied himself, once again. She was a virgin, and he could not merely romance her, then use his seductive skills only so far. Not with her. He looked back at the woman before him, and smiled. His mask, a simple swathe of midnight blue silk, revealed his lips. The woman’s eyes answered, a flirtatious dance certainly pleasing to him. Bright jewels in her elaborately feathered mask, her eyes shone with sophisticated passion. Yet, she would be displeased to know, his cock did not stiffen for her charms. No, he had glimpsed her, Shazetta, if only briefly.

Ignoring the glances of invitation from men she knew would never give her what she desperately desired, Shazetta glided over the pearlescent glimmering floor, her severe agitation belied by the grace of her stride. A moan of pain remained deep in her throat. Goddess save her, she blazed unbearably. Her searching gaze darted back and forth, from the confines of her mask, a delicate flow of black and red feathers, the length of plumage completely veiling her long dark auburn tresses. Halting abruptly, she spied his lean handsomeness. The man, who caused whispers about his sensual use of a whip.

D’rourke politely dismissed the beauty who did not hold his cock in thrall. Captured, he languidly pivoted toward the woman he should never touch. The virgin he should dismiss from his erotic daydreams. She stared at him, unmoving as a wary swan. He swept his gaze over her slender, yet rounded curves, so lovely in shape, he groaned inwardly. Did she possess a clue how much he lusted ~ no, more than lust ~ wanted her? As if fate determined her footsteps, she slipped toward him, her black gown caressing her breasts with each movement.
His heart thundered, as his manhood jutted.

Shazetta moved closer, hope fluttering her heart and racing her blood. His cock had turned to beast, threatening the fine dark fabric of his trousers.
"My swan, how may I assist you?"
"I can’t breathe," she whispered, and felt her bosom heave merely at the roughened timbre of his voice.
"Shall I catch you? Or go for–"
"No." She grabbed his forearm. "Don’t go." She paused, summoning every spark of courage she could. "I need your whip."
"Whip?" His gaze darkened to the intensity of thunderclouds.
"On my breasts." She rushed the words forth. "Please, please, please, I beg of you."

Flash of desire kiss from the Kougar...


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Flash of desire kiss from the Kougar...

Savanna Kougar said...

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