Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dick Tracy's Silver Screen

Lovely autumn evening, my Gorgeous Big, today, the Kougar actually had a huge guffaw and also amused herself with one of her own little inspired lines...what? You dare meow...mew-okay, given the foxes have been not only given the run of the henhouse financial, they also own those henhouses...thus ~
you better hope the foxes don’t enjoy chicken dinners...
And the yowling guffaw ~ you know those vaults of gold which are supposed to exist that the big traders use as their monetary backup...well, it appears, gee and biggie surprise...those vaults of gold don’t...DON’T...get this...don’t actually exist...traders who thought they had the backing of real gold, a vault full o’ gold...nope, it was a lie...perversely, that strikes the Kougar as hysterically funny. Not only does the emperor wear no clothes, apparently he also has no real gold, just an empty vault, which may or may not exist.
Think about it, you took a little gambling vacation to Vegas, actually won a tidy sum, whatever that is these days? And you went back to collect your substantial winnings, only to be told there is actually no money in the vault, and you’ve just been screwed by a royal flush...or a flush of something...
Hey, no gold! So, even if you had those little certificate of purchase stock thingies. Nope, no gold in the vault. You lost. In this leave-no-banker-behind-bailout, as Joyce Riley calls it.

Dick Tracy’s Silver Screen ~ Ah, but a return to the Kougar’s chosen topic for this bloggie. In all explicit candor the Kougar hasn’t seen a Dick Tracy cartoon in ages. Yet, how vividly moi remembers Dick Tracy’ the time...futuristic wrist communicator. Ya know, a Blackberry or ipod type of device on his, not with all the ‘entertainment bells and whistles’...nonetheless, dear Big Kittens, with financial chaos here and very much present...what will all of us do for cheap entertainment? Specifically the Kougar refers to the type of escapist entertainment which became a hallmark of the 1930's Depression era, besides the radio and fireside chats with FDR ...ta-da, what came along was a new entertainment, the rise of the silver screen...and movies like Pennies From Heaven became an affordable saving grace for many in those troubled and tough times...thus ~ could ebook readers like Sony’s newest, only an advanced quality palm reader, which attracts people like flies to honey, become a saving grace in these times, that is if THE POWERS THAT BE ever allow such good quality on the market, which exists, but is being suppressed...still, could a star trek like palm reader, be the next silver screen? An affordable way to escape current day hardships. Can’t afford that next vacation? Hey, read a novel, or watch a travelogue...or could the Kougar’s breed of author actually have a skyrocketing growth market for their precious written stories??? crystal ball on this one, Big Cool Cats...just possibilities and probabilities and speculation and a knowledge of history...and, hey, there is that film of plastic which can operate as a tv screen now...don’t believe moi, look up the news story on Coast-to-Coastam, or just Googlie...purr and maybe, we’ll all be scroll-rolling up our future entertainment...yep, those ancients knew a thing or two about portability...hmmm...
Roaring absolutely, the Kougar is biased toward her concept of Dick Tracy’s Silver Screen, since moi actually enjoys it when her books sell...meow, what a entrepreneurial concept, the very stuff of America...real America...
Tomorrow the Kougar is blogging at Title Magic, and thinking it will be her Manna Chocolate Chip Cookies scene, which the Big Cats have already glimpsed.
Just for funsies, if you enjoy paw-clicking on your fave cover art or novel, check out this contest at Night Owl Romance ~ ~

Now just for the Big Incredible Cats a claw snippet of the last penned paragraphs from THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~

His brother’s footsteps halted at the entrance. "Okay?" Zent asked. For an instant they touched minds, and Zotorro felt his brutal need to be close to her.
"Yeah, she’s asleep," he loudly whispered.
"With your rod inducing her sweet dreams, right?" Zent ribbed, quietly striding toward the bed, his trademark grin in place.
"You up to par yet?" Zotorro asked as his brother carefully climbed onto the bed.
"Almost there. You and I may be needed for dawn patrol. There’s been a rise in hooligan activity."
"A reaction to the tornado’s near miss. And an influx of over-stimulating vibes." Gently Zotorro rearranged her hair, and the blanket covering them, so his brother could lay close beside them.
"The Thug Singles will be on the warpath," Zent agreed.

Small silver screen smooch from the Kougar...

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