Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Don't Bite the Seven Wicked Writers

Big Kittens, an amazing sunset which defies description, and would be easier to paint on canvas, or take photos of...although, the absolute glory of this sunset ~ large bands of exquisite enchanting color, from sheer pale lemon to rose tangerine ~ could never be truly captured. The Kougar thinks the Divine likes to tease us, or torment us with an unearthly delight which can only be enjoyed for moments. Still, her heart dances with the sheer extraordinary gift, and rejoices.
Today, my Big Beautiful Cats, the Kougar discovered this fun Halloween flash fiction contest. Meow, you guessed it, moi claw-sent her entry in...yowl-knowing she doesn’t possess a ghost of a chance since there are no ghoulies, zombies, wicked witches or howling werewolves...still, it’s the candy corn fun that counts!
Here’s the info for any who dare, or for any who care to check out the entries ~ or click over to ~
http://sevenwickedwriters.com ~

The Seven Wicked Writers will be hosting a Flash Fiction contest starting October 1st. You have until Oct. 30th at Midnight to send them in. The email address for all entries is: contest@sevenwickedwriters.com . The contest winner will be chosen by Tina Haveman, the publisher of eXtasy Books. The top three will each receive a prize by The Seven Wicked Writers. ALL ENTRIES WILL BE NO LONGER THAN 500 WORDS AND MUST HAVE A HALLOWEEN THEME. The top three prizes are:
Grand Prize: A goody bag with a collection of items from Print books, Music CD’s, tarot readings, and other goodies and a finally a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate or 4 ebooks of your choice.
Second Prize: A $15 Amazon Gift certificate or 3 ebooks of your choice from eXtasy Books.
Third Prize: A $10 Amazon Gift Certificate or 2 ebooks of your choice from the eXtasy Website.
PS. All entries that we receive that meet the specified length requirement will be posted on the blog for others to view. The Seven Wicked Writers will not be held liable for any comments posted by the readers of this blog. The Five (5) entries with the most positive comments received by Noon on Halloween day will be forwarded to Tina Haveman of eXtasy books to judge. The three winners will be announced no later than November 15th.

The Kougar’s entry from her WIP ~

Don’t Bite the Fortune Teller

Woo-woo feelings a whirlwind inside her, Solitaire gathered up her cards, listening to the still small voice of intuition. "Oh," she whispered, seeing him. Zhayme.
The whirlwinds increased inside her. Edgy, restless, Solitaire shuffled her cards more swiftly than usual. Not that the man didn’t drive her insides gooey with all sorts of forbidden desires. Forbidden, the key word. He was out of her league. He had an ex something? who probably had the fangs to fight for him. And she didn’t need any man complications in her life. Not one who could obviously devastate her heart.
And here he came. Incomparable. Potent. Charismatic. The description jangled in her mind like a phone during a 60’s suspense movie scene.
Stop. Down. She ordered her yearning rebellious sex juices, already starting to boil over for him.
"Wooh, hot in here," she muttered as he stepped up on the dais. Her hands shook, a true rarity for her.
"Why do you need a fortune teller?" She faced the birthday lion in his den, or her temporary den. Vigorously, she shook back her own long mane.
"My beautiful fortune teller, I have many abilities. However, not your gift." He sat before her, not just sitting, aristocratic, the latent power of a lion-at-ease sitting.
His voice, a melding of brandy and velvet, soaked into her. Add a match, she’d be flambe’ in his arms. In his bed. Oh God, I’m not thinking about his bed.
Her hands still shaking slightly, she fanned the cards. And desperately wished she didn’t look like an unprofessional klutz. "Choose a card, Birthday Man."
"You should know, my Solitaire, I have the ability to choose whichever card I desire."
Ohmygawd, his hand, impossibly beautiful and powerful, with tapered fingers. Solitaire swallowed down her passion, now threatening to steam out her ears.
"Prove it." Ridiculously breathless, she’d murmured the challenge.
"King of hearts," he low purred. Selecting one card with the grace of a magician, he presented it to her.
The King of Hearts.
The card’s face seized her entire being.
Tearing her gaze away from the betraying card, she inanely asked, "Is that a statement?"
"Soon to be ‘truth’." His voice grazed over every inch of her flesh.
"Is that so?" Having knife-flung the question at him, she flung up her chin.
He smiled, trip-tripping her heart.
"I do have a question for the fortune teller who can see our newest project beneath the ocean."
"What? The manner of my disappearance?"
"We will have to ‘disappear’ for a short time, to view the city."
"View the city...?"
"My question..." The dark intensity of his gaze honed in on her eyes like a laser. "Who seeks to destroy me? By sabotaging our restoration?"
The crucial importance of her answer shone in his eyes.
"The invisible man," she blurted out, the words pulled from her, unbidden.
"Make him visible, my Solitaire...to your mind’s eye."
His command was hypnotic. Not to be refused. She wondered at her compliance as the image quickly formed.

Seven wicked smooches from the Kougar...

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