Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flash-ing Strip of the Candy Codpiece

A particularly delectable evening, my Beautiful Big Cats, especially if you have a reading yen for sexy licking and flicking. And sweets between the lips. Because Liquid Silver Authors, Mima and Nina, offer up some fantastic licking flashes…talk about a tingle wedged you know where…
Plus, if you’re in a visual tasting mood, has Mima put up the pics for you at ~ ~
Also, if the Big Kitties want a peek at an unedited excerpt from moi’s novella, Black Cat Beauty ~ claw click to ~ ~ the Coming Soon page ~

Here’s moi’s little flash-ing effort today…

Droi Zanjiere, top athlete from the Vyquorv Realm, stared. The multi-colored decoration for his cock dangled from the hand of his best buddy. "Are you certain this will gain me the sexual affection of my chosen Earth woman?"
"It is guaranteed." Royse grinned, undulating the bead-looking confection like a trophy.
Grabbing it, Droi arranged it before his standing manhood. "It won’t fit."
"She’ll lick and nibble it off. Think of our ice pools, at first."
"Perhaps, she will tear it off soon, more hungry for the plunging of my strength, than for this ambrosia Earthers devour as no other food."
"Birthday surprise," Tia lilted, her teeth flashing in a smile that said it all. And Kess knew she was in deep trouble. She was about to speak, saying something inane about ‘you shouldn’t have’, because her gut told her this was not going to be her kind of surprise. But Tia already gripped her shoulders, guiding her toward the private entertainment room inside the small club they frequented.
"You didn’t get me a stripper…" Kess whined, while Tia opened the door, then gave her an encouraging shove inward.
"He’s behind the curtain, sweetie. And he doesn’t just dance and strip."
The piquant rose fragrance of the Earth woman he’d chosen teased his nostrils, then drifted inside his entire body with a sensual deliciousness Droi had not anticipated. After all, she and the two others had been selected because of their compatible genetic code, by the high science of his world. He’d selected her, Kess Skye Waverly. Her round full curves, yet delicate size had raised his cock to greatest arousal. And the flame coloring of her hair pleased his eye, important in a mate.
The scent of her trepidation struck him. Why? He frowned. Didn’t all Earth women want this?
Omygawd, she was in deep doo-doo trouble. Kess whirled around just as the door clicked shut, frantically turning the knob. "He doesn’t bite," Tia shouted through the door, "unless you want him to."
"How the hell do you know?" Kess yelled back, yet spun around as the music started, one of her fave rock tunes, Hot Blooded. A masculine hand, bronzed to perfection, appeared from behind the scarlet velvet curtain, and began pulling it back. Kess slid along the wall to the only chair in the room, and sat gingerly on the plush lounger. Why not? It was her birthday.
The Earther mating music he’d practiced dancing to for the short duration of his travel, throbbed through his veins, both the primitive beat of the music and the knowledge that he was about to gain the prestige of possessing an Earth woman, a privilege few earned, regardless of athletic prowess.
Staggered by the gorgeous male, and he was pure male, with gleaming defined muscles that made her quiver like jelly. Still, Kess stared…what was it he wore, some sort of candy bikini? She squinted, leaned forward…was it real candy? Her funny bone struck hard, laughter exploded from her.

Tomorrow, since the Kougar is running out of blog space and time, moi will add two more flashes to her serial flash ~ Cruelty... Flash of Caribbean Vampire ~ just for the Big Cool Cats.
And, the Kougar is thrilled down to her claws, and her heart and soul...the hot-selling, exquisitely talented Lindsay Townsend, author of FLAVIA’S SECRET & A SECRET TREASURE, has written the most beautiful and fabulous review for moi’s aristocratic fantasy, ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE ~ posted on the Siren-BookStrand Author Blog.
Also posted is Volcano’s Angelic Forecast VII ~

Taste of candy kisses and blue paradise from the Kougar...

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