Monday, September 14, 2009

Millions Not Thousands

Oh, my lovely Kittens, guess what the Kougaress saw today... a tiny frog, only about an inch long. Little froggie was in one corner of the french door windows and was the color of mud... honestly... with tiny suckers on his feet. Maybe a baby tree frog?
Interesting, my darling Big Cats, how much the mainstream media lies these days. YOU LIE, seems to be the Kougar’s new mantra. What does she see on her news ticker yesterday... *thousands* protest Obama... as in *I am not your ATM* & *Go Green. Recycle Congress*.
Nope, as it turns out, the news person lied and so did US mainstream media, in general. Now, it seems we are in the position of having to look toward the foreign news outlets, as in Germany, the UK, France, etc. to actually find out some semblance of the truth in our own beloved country.
It was millions, two million and up, who protested the Health Care plans and also, there were any number of tea party groups, or basically, THE PEOPLE saying no taxation without representation. And, probably, a lot of groups moi is not aware of.
~~~ Yeah, like *most* in Congress are representing anyone but themselves and their cronies, these days ~~~
This Big Cat is particularly sad, since she witnessed how the mainstream media helped to end the Vietnam war, back in the day, by simply reporting on what was truly going on, a portion of it, that is.
Our beloved country depends on those who are truly the intrepid journalists to keep watch and tell the truth, to show us the truth. This seems to be happening less and less.


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Part 260 ~

Sylva continued mind-observing and wished she could hear what was happening. Where was that psychic ability, if she was so damn talented? “What’s going on?” Marina whispered. “Looks like there’s a man on a horse after the Long Walker. He’s got a rifle pointed at him. Zeke and Ranson are behind the Long Walker holding their guns on the stranger. I can’t hear anything.” Marina lightly covered Sylva’s hand. “Probably someone who’s been done wrong, or thinks he has.” Sylva gave a slight nod. “I see the Long Walker’s lips moving. His hands are still raised high. Oh, I see Grant.”

Zeke took aim, firing three bullets near the hooves of the stranger’s horse. Instantly, the horse danced his hooves causing the rider to lose the aim of his rifle. Keeping his seat, the man reined the animal to a halt. “State your business,” Zeke hollered, “or be on your way.” From his peripheral vision, Zeke watched Grant stealthily approach, his pistol making the stranger a target. “You heard what my brother-in-law said. Say your piece, or leave.” Holding his rifle in a non-threatening way, the stranger steadied his horse. “My business is private with Matt. But I ain’t going nowhere.”
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Serena Shay said...

Wow, you sure have a bunch of nature visiting you lately. :) They must find your home, comforting and safe!

~sigh~ more lies. It's so tiring keeping up with what's true and what's not. :(

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ yeah, I think some of them have figured out we mean them no harm, unless they mean us harm.
Froggie was darn cute.

It is tiring... actually, I'm not certain there is any way to keep up, even if you made it a full-time job.