Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caught Between Red Sundown and the Half Moon

Featured is the cover of THE SIRIUS MYSTERY by a phenomenal scholar, Robert Temple

Weekend meows, Beautiful Big Cats, earlier today the Kougar was caught between the most glorious red sundown along the horizon’s curve, and the hanging half moon, a glistening enchanting white.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Darkness as Kallyn had never known enveloped her. She’d stopped flailing, her instinctive reaction giving way to utter shock. The echo of her screams vanished like whispers lost to a strong wind. Around her all sound ceased. Eerily, there was only the sensation of falling.

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Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar’s HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES has gone **Kindle** ~ ~
Yay, that’s the good news.
Sadly, mews and poos, someone didn’t like it and gave it a 1-rated review. Though, this Big Cat author is always forced to wonder if the reader didn’t like it or if someone is jealous??? Given that ill will is *sometimes* the motivation for reviews these days in the romance world.
Nope, moi did not read the review.
On another tail-whipping thought, the Kougaress must assume all those who have pirated and are e-pirating Insatiable Dark must not share that reader’s low opinion. What a world we live in... roars.
And added thought... perhaps, the Kougar should send her poor review to all the e-pirating sites, thus, easily ending their interest and illegal activity.


Just for the Halloween lovin’ KitKats ~ the words of Hades from the Kougar’s WIP ~ KANDY APPLE FOR HALLOWEEN ~

After swirling the drink, Zin tipped up another small swig and reflected on Hades’ words to them before they’d departed for their first mission on the surface.

As pups and children you were cared for by my most beloved, Persephone, and her maidens, often knowing the comfort of their laps and their stroking hands.
As rutting youths you attended training lectures about the nature of women given by the most renown of our goddesses and their daughters... Aphrodite, Hera, Artemis, Gaia, Atalanta, Selene... to name but a few.
Access to our libraries has been yours. Your every inquiry has been answered.
Upon the age of copulation, you were initiated into the carnal pleasures by women of great knowledge and prowess. You have attended all manner of feast orgies and fae revelries. You have played in the Upperworld and learned the art to seducing human women.
Zolivar and Zindale, mortal women, though they rarely realize it, have the power to rule Earth, to bring forth a paradise of peace. Their assistance will be all-important to accomplishing your missions and to living successfully in the Upperworld.
Remember these words of mine, my hellhounds, and you will avoid failing me. Far more crucial to us all, you will serve the Goddess of Justice extraordinarily well.


Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 273 ~

Sylva welled up with a newfound happiness. No man had ever treated her with such care. She couldn’t help but hope it would continue. She smiled widely at her cowboy husband and made a silent wish he would see the appreciation in her eyes. Not that Sylva believed their relationship would always be so congenial and cozy. She had a huge feeling fireworks and not just passionate fireworks would occur at times, simply because she knew her own nature and she was beginning to understand how strong and highhanded he could be. Still, now was now. Sylva wanted to enjoy.

Zeke wandered around inside his Sylva’s brighter-than-the-noon-sky eyes with his gaze. “Did you get that, sis?” Tearing himself away, he glanced around at everyone. “Yep, got it. Mine and Grant’s are ordered,” she replied. Zeke grinned at Ranson. “What are you havin’?” Ranson answered with his own good-natured grin. “Long night ahead, looks like. I’m goin’ for a rare steak and all the trimmings. Plus, a good-sized mug of coffee.” Letting the menu roll back into a scroll, Ranson faced Zeke. “You and your bride will have to visit my home in the Smoky Mountains. Got some horses you’ll appreciate.”
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...

Have a Wonderful and Wild Autumn...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Red sundown kisses from the Kougar...


Gem Sivad said...

Oh, the Smokey Mountains. I love the parallels. Wonder what Ranson's place is like.

Sylva and Zeke share passion so it's bound to explode into temper on an occasion or too.


Serena Shay said...

Ooooh, I'm loving your hellhounds! Zin and Zol are just the duo to claim one Kandy Apple!

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem ~ yeah, I got to drive through a part of the Smoky Mountains once... absolutely gorgeous!

Serena ~ just to the duo to claim one Kandy Apple - woof-fiery-woof, that's their plan