Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Despising Internet Browsers

Isn't this a gorgeous Western Romance cover? This is Gem Sivad's 'coming soon' release from Liquid Silver Books.
Yep, good Big Kittens all, the Kougar is beginning to despise Internet Browsers. Why you mew, if you do?
Yesterday moi’s Firefox browser came to her rescue when Earthlink and Internet Explorer went nastily haywire. HOWEVER!!! when this Big Cat downloaded the latest version of Firefox, the 3.5.2 version... NOTHING! No access to the internet whatsoever. Just dead. Okay, being somewhat intrepid, moi looked to discover what the problem was after uninstalling, then installing Firefox, again, to see if that would solve the problem. NADA!
So, it seems one problem is being blocked by your firewall. The Kougaress went though that procedure to unlock the Window’s firewall. Well, her stupid Earthlink Protection thing won’t uninstall completely to even try the latest version of Earthlink Protection, which takes forever to download on dial-up.
So, now, the Kougar is downloading an earlier version of Firefox to see if that will work... claws crossed.
GEE, all you computer wizard-geeks, all you Browser people, why not create versions which actually work in the way moi wants them to work? She DOES NOT want the latest version of Internet Explorer... it sucks big time!!! and has tons o’ features this Big Cat does not want!!! does not care about!!! Plus, it has all this intrusive crap which is really none of their or anyone else’s damn business.
Now, her reliable Firefox is no longer reliable. Why not just go to Firefox? Well, you can’t format on Blogger worth a big fat damn, that’s one reason. And, since this Big Cat girl does lots of blogging... well, big ole problem there.
And, oh snarling yeah... moi just adores spending her valuable time trying to work out all these stupid cyber problems, which, in her opinion, should not be going on. Certainly not at the level they are. The point of the Internet for most of us is convenience, not learning how to be tech savvy and spending all our time doing it and maintaining it... downloading this, that, and every latest version. Forget about it!

FINALLY!!! The Kougar has met with success, but lost all her linkies. Looks like the info from Internet Explorer, cookies, etc. did a bad trip on the Firefox Browser. But finally, after, at least, ten tries at this that and the other, including... oh never meow mind... moi finally figured it was corrupted by importing from IE. Yep, that solved it. Firefox is back and browsing.
A victory for this kitty kat.


Authoress news and mews ~

Yippee! Join us at the HAPPILY EVER AFTER blog. Gem Sivad, author of INTIMATE STRANGERS and the ‘coming soon’ WOLF’S TENDER from Liquid Silver Books, is guest blogging on Wednesday, September 2nd, about being a Western Romance author ~ How to Make Unpalatable Historical Facts Into Romance…

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~ Chronicles of an Earth-bound Goddess ~

CHAPTER TWELVE ~ Slide Down That Zipper

Keziah decided there was something perfectly aggravating about Thunder-Force Man. She wondered if he was being manipulated by a rival goddess to be a thorn permanently and painfully stuck in her flesh.
Oh no, she sarcastically sang in her head, her Curse wasn’t enough. Closing one eye, she scanned for the glow of ether puppet strings. Nothing.
“Whatever.” Dismissively, she averted her gaze. “Since I’m slumming and you insist, I’ll be a good little girl for awhile.”
“Come on, doll face. I’ll parade you around in front of the guys. It’s my last night at the precinct. Might as well go out in grand style.”

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Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 248 ~

Sylva felt her cheeks flame. She should have known it was different here. After ducking her head and sneaking a peek at Zeke, who appeared to be in control of the situation with Ranson, she unrolled what Marina had given her. It turned out to be a screen-like menu. “Just touch any of the selections. The details will appear,” Marina politely explained. “Potatoes are always good.” Sylva spoke just to say anything. Experimentally, she touched ‘Fluff Potatoes with Roasted Parsnips’. The explanation and ingredients of the dish appeared. “Oh cool, it’s like colored liquid that forms into images and words.”

Zeke seared his gaze at Ranson, wanting only the truth. “Within the past three months. Your bride was their first hit. How do I know?” Ranson asked Zeke’s next question. His brows arched over his ice blue eyes, he continued, “Insider information. Friend of mine was serving dinner to three of the SCs, as we call them. They were touting their success and discussing how to verify your wife’s special abilities.” Zeke went dead cold in his gut. “Verify?” he asked. “Sorry, Zeke, don’t know the details. They are planning on using their own extra talented spies to watch her.”
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Moi’s comment mew-sings ~
Ah, Ricardo, you are the man. And you express your admiration and love for your Cynthia in such a masculine and beautiful way. I am in awe of your penning prowess.
I must confess, though, the men whose stories I write would have fallen in love with Starr.
However, as is the way of life upon this wonderful spinning world, we all choose to our own pleasure and satisfaction. And so it is now.
May love always be yours.

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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...
HATE!!! > DTV> it’s a ripoff.


Have a Happy End of Summer...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Sorta victory smooch from the Kougar...


Gem Sivad said...

Well, damn, a girl just can't get some peace and quiet, not even on Earth II. Sylva is not going to settle for being "watched"
all the time.

And Zeke is going to want to hover to keep her safe.

Lot's of possibilities here. :)

Serena Shay said...

Holy Sheesh! What a pain in the flank! I'm glad you got it fixed and working again!!

Oooh, me thinks Keziah is in for one hopping good time if Copper gets his way! I'm loving this story!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem ~ so true, lots of possibilities!

Serena ~ yeah, it was a pain in the you know where...

Yep, Keziah is... as long as her Curse is respected... and Dalton may just be the man for that.