Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yum Yum Kiss to Robin Hood

Thirty-six years ago, November 24, 1971, the mysterious and never-caught D.B. Cooper jumped out the back of a commercial plane, jumping over the forest wilds near Portland, Oregon -- once his demands were met, after he got his money. Never to be seen again. At least, not by law enforcement. According to a devoted lawyer investigator Mr. Cooper is a former veteran of the secret mercenary war in Laos, and probably performed what is called a halo (sp?) jump -- not opening his parachute until 20, 000 feet, so radar tracking was ineffective.
Some say the legendary Mr. Cooper died dangling from a tree. Or died in the stream where some of the stolen cash was found littering the bank.
The naughty, politically incorrect Kougaress hopes Mr. Cooper is alive and happily well, having cat-outsmarted the government by using his daring and his military training -- training he received for an illegal war.
You see, Big Kitty Lovers, I am secretly in love with Robin Hood -- the fantasy idea of Robin Hood, that is -- and Mr. Cooper fits the fantasy well enough in today's most boring un-swashbuckling and un-chivalrous culture.
Yes, ever since the tiny Kougarous first heard the adventurous love tale in Sherwood Forest, she sighed, sighing with a giddy tingly yearning, she trembled with a forever longing, all for a man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
Yes, long before Kevin Costner's bare bottom graced us, gloriously displayed upon the big silver screen. Before the swashbuckling black & white movie starring the incomparable and always dashing Errol Flynn -- what man could not be dashing with such a yowling-marvelous name, purr...purr...or as Amazon blurbs it, quite meow accurately:
Dashing Errol Flynn is the definitive Robin Hood in the most gloriously swashbuckling version of the legendary story.
Yes, the rubbing yearning Kougaress adores a bold daring man who cares about his downtrodden fellows -- who cares to right the wrongs of society, all while wooing his Maid Marion.
A yum yum kiss to all the Robin Hoods -- now, and in the past.
And a big smacking kiss from the Kougar to D.B. Cooper -- wherever you are -- for keeping the legend alive in our current culture.

Fantasy kisses from the Kougar -- she's roving the wilding forest of Sherwood today.

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