Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cosmic Goddess Rides the Tiger

The Cosmic Goddess Rides the White Tiger -- it was on a black t-shirt I adored in my college days, my 1970's youth.
With a ferocious devotion, the Kougaress has scoured the internet landscape in search of this Vedic style decal, prowling away too much valuable time. Is it merely a desperate attachment to her sinuous dancing youthful days? Perhaps...
Yet...there was such a soaring magic to this decal picture it felt like my soul revealing itself. My soul dancing itself.
Astride a white flying tiger rides the beautiful exotic Vedic goddess. Above the splendor of spires and wondrous buildings reminiscent of the Taj Mahal she rides her fierce and devoted tiger -- with the crescent moon as her companion. Strength and pure femininity, she soars among the black starry cosmos. At her will.

Where is my cosmic goddess astride her fearsome white tiger?
One deepest longing kiss upon her cheek from the Kougaress...and a prayer that she return.

Purring, rumbling kissess to all my Big Kittie Lovers...

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