Friday, November 23, 2007

Kiss For JFK's Camelot

Hello, Big Kitty lovers, have you ever envisioned what our world, our precious country would be, if the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy had failed? Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of that terror day, that beginning of the national nightmare which, I contend, still envelops us all.
Yesterday I listened to another amazing truth-astonishing show on Coast to Coast am with George Noory ( on the Kennedy assassination.
And remembered again. As I always remember. Vivid as fresh blood on pristine snow.
Seventh grade civics class, over the loudspeaker, the announcement. A stillness inside me, where breath does not exist, cannot exist -- that moment out of time has never left my soul, and will probably never leave me. Because in that moment of total stunned silence, that moment of collective breath held by everyone in my school, I spirit knew...the One Spirit which connects us all...knew. Knew the truth.
As the cougar knows the arrival of prey, before the scent of the rabbit on dusk's breeze, before the fur-outline sight of the rabbit, before the hop hop rustle through grasses, over leaves, before the coveted sound of the rabbit's nibbling. The energy, the aura of the rabbit arrives first. For the cougar who listens, who sees with stalking waiting awareness. The truth of the rabbit always arrives first. Yes, my spirit knew the truth...despite every manipulation and machination to hide the complex layers of ugly truth responsible for John Kennedy's life being taken away by the explosion of bullets on that day in Dallas. All in plain sight. On black and white tv. Told from Walter Cronkite's immortal lips.
Yet, the truth was never in plain sight. The truth has never been seen in the blessed light of day.
Unless, and until the entire truth of that day, that terrible assassination, that ending of American Camelot, finally explodes into the blinding light of day --
Until...our most enlightened future on this beloved Earth cannot arrive.
Truth turns the key of our future. That most blessed future. And nothing else.
We, the people, need a showdown, the sheriff of truth versus the bad guys with the shadow-hidden black hats.
A High Noon of Truth. Remember that classic black and white film?

The Kougar kisses President John Fitzgerald Kennedy wherever he lives in our grand cosmic order. Now.
The Kougar kisses what could have been for us all...and what could still be for all of us. Our Camelot future.

The Kougar's sweetest kisses upon your cheek...

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evonne said...

Just caught up with your blog - have to say how much I love it - just the name alone -

I hadn't realised it was 44 years since the Kenndy assasination - really one of those 'what if' moments when the world turned in a different direction. One that no-one could have forseen. Your reflective piece made me think ... And you know what that does to a writer!