Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The First Hello Kiss

Hello, I have created this blog from a position of sheer desperation. What, you may? or may not ask...the very highly irritating fact that I cannot access the American Title IV finalists' Title Magic blog as an Invitee. I have worn my elbow out painfully, clicking and clicking. I have spent way too much valued time trying to discover and fix the problem, when I should be writing on one of my current romance fantasy stories, Samaira Kwin of the Wind Butterfly. I was hoping to enter the Crescent Moon Press contest. Who knows? now. Since November 15 is the end date. Perhaps, it is merely my ineptness with this particular computer expressive art form. But suffice it say, here I am. I shall post what will probably be seen by few. However, I intend to greatly enjoy myself.
Kisses to All

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