Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Unslimed ... President Trump Speaks To the Heart of Humanity

Yes, the Global Revolution Against Tyranny ... It's Here. And Strong. 

Early night yowls, most infamous and amazing Big Cat Beauties ... so, President Trump's speech...yes, the Kougar watched, and immensely enjoyed-appreciated most of what he put forth...however, near the end of Trump's address a raging hailstorm hit the tame was spectacular, with crazy lightning, with the hail like a *tommy gun in action* against the windows...anyway, the internet went out, and it took quite awhile for the connection to return... 

Anyway, one difference in listening to Trump and previous so-called presidential speeches, the Kougar did NOT feel *slimed* by sinister forces -- to put it succinctly. 

And not that this Big Cat completely agreed with every goal put forth, but yes, most of them, she does. However, the most vital message: it's time for the new world order criminals to stand down because humanity has woken up to your big-brother *we don't want it* tyranny. 

The Kougar could pen pages of commentary about the petty demon-crat drama, and other politcial gamesmanship, including the repub-sleazoid, Paul Ryan ... but she won't because she doesn't have the time or energy. 

Okay, THEN THERE'S POLITICAL *POSSIBLE* RISE OF OPRAH... This is the Kougar's message to her: 

Trump once claimed he considered Oprah for VP pick
Adan Salazar | - MARCH 1, 2017 

COMMENT: Savanna • a minute ago
Oprah, if you choose to run for president of these united states, I will do everything in my spiritual power to EXPOSE who and what you really are, the darkside of your nature. I watched your show religiously for many years. When you began affecting a richie-type lifestyle most Americans had NO opportunity to enjoy, I quit your show cold turkey. You helped to FORCE that *flim flam scam glam man* down our collective throats -- NO I DIDN'T BUY IT...I KNEW HE WOULD BE FAR WORSE THAN THAT HORROR 'SHRUB' ... You have already done your dastardly part to destroy America ... you are against WE THE PEOPLE. If I were you I wouldn't go down that *I want to be president* path. Despite Drudge's excitement, the GOOD SIDE is just waiting to tear you and your reputation apart. Yes, this is a WARNING from the real LIGHT SIDE in this war between GOOD and evil.

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