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Society Goes Orwellian-Kafkaesque-Insanoville...Hang On

Monday night yowls, darling-est KitKats ... the world, it appears, is on the EDGE, and gets more radically crazy everyday... simultaneously, the GOOD in the world is accelerating ... the friction between *good and evil* is at hyperdrive and will only continue to speed up ... hang on, hang out, and hang onto your knickers, emotionally the ride is about to do a series of quantum leaps.

Now an INSANOVILLE Example: [Saturday Night Live] SNL EQUALS PROPA-GENDA EXTREME ... Okay, since the Kougar DOES NOT WATCH the tel-lie-vision, she doesn't watch SNL, which she wouldn't anyway because she finds it far more creepy-nasty than funny ... that began when most of the skits revolved around rivers of blood spurting out and gushers of vomit sprayed out seemingly nonstop ... before that change, she loved SNL ... however, since Alex Jones and Infowars was targeted by SNL, she saw the opening skit ... which to her eye was mostly just STUPID, and absurdly child-level *not funny*... because even if this Big Cat despised President Trump, she would feel the same way about that skit ... IT WAS DOWNRIGHT STUPID! And totally pure propa-genda.

Another pathetic example today: SNOOP DOGG ... that *Bend Over To the Man* Pimp dared to put an 'execution' video out, whereinwhich, he shoots the Clown Trump. IF ANYONE HAD DARED put out a similar vid about OBOZO, they would have been locked up, and the key would have been thrown away. Forever.

So now, the reptoidal skeez, Paul Ryan -- as reported in an article on -- is using the thug-tactic of saying, to paraphrase *ohgosh, if we don't pass his healthcare bill, well then ObummerCare is about to collapse* ... yeah, the healthcare system is in freefall collapse, alright, way beyond what has been acknowledged... whatever you can do to take care of yourself, and your loved ones, *TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER* then DO IT!!! For an epic battle begins. The Insurance Companies want to take WE THE PEOPLE hostage ... keep us on the reservation of less and less, worse and worse health care. These globalists-run corporations will use any and all DEVIOUS means and methods to trick the people into accepting their sinister mastery.

Oh, and here's one horror part of Ryan's SCREW THE PEOPLE bill:

Article: House Republicans would let employers demand workers’ genetic test results


Okay, the Kougar saw Amazon's Alexa on the Alex Jones show. Gawd, that thing is CREEPY!  Ultra nasty creepy. This Big Cat would NEVER have one in her home ... except as tool to use against the enemy globalists, if needed.


Then, MASSIVE BOOK BURNING ... on Dr. Kevin Barrett's *Truth Jihad Radio* show at ... well, he had a guest who has had over a hundred books banned from AMAZON & BARNES AND NOBLE ... yep, massive book burning is HERE AND NOW!!! ... why has he been banned, and others like him banned ... because, gee, they dared to question certain historical aspects of the holocaust ... well, NUMBER ONE!!!, he has freedom of speech in this country... NUMBER TWO, history is always being brought forth, more facts, more investigation... the uncovering of misinformation, lies, deception... regardless of whether or not you agree with him, HE HAS THE RIGHT TO VOICE his truth, his research, without fear of BEING CENSORED. this gentleman ~ who was erudite, intelluctually impressive, and reasonable in how he presented the situation and his books has been accused, of course, of antisemitism ... the big damn bugaboo [oh, ooooh, you're antisemitic] ... yeah, NEVER MIND THE TRUTH, whatever it is ... WE THE PEOPLE have the right to discover and decide on what is truth ... NOT THE STATE!!! Not the BOOK BURNERS.
This is the quintessential case of book burning that leads to a dangerous SLIPPERY SLOPE ... if the nasty corporate *powers that be* can censor this man's books, THEY CAN *EVENTUALLY* DO IT TO ALL OF US!!!

Plus, infowars, natural news, and other good truth-telling sites are being CENSORED!!! Regularly. And their revenues are being attacked, taken away be devious design.

THE FOLLOWING ARE HEADLINES ON PRISONPLANET.COM that sum up a lot of what is happening and will continue to happen as trends.

American Mirror | The anti-Trump media was caught in lies over the weekend when at least two publications claimed President Trump went golfing on Saturday when he didn’t.

Sputnik | No construction company dares to take risks in the troubled immigrant-heavy and violence-prone district of Stockholm to build a new police station.

 5 Comments | The Dallas Police have had enough of the violence, anger and divisiveness of Black Lives Matter. Now they are finally doing something about it.

The Hill | A majority of Americans do not support laws that require transgender people to use bathrooms based on their sex at birth, a new poll finds. 


NOW...Take a Look At This Assessment of the White House Intruder... 

March 13, 2017
“Mark Of The Beast” White House Intruder Linked To Mysterious CIA Recruiter
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
An intriguing Foreign Intelligence Report (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today states that news reports from the United States over the weekend saying that an “intruder” had scaled at least two fences at the White House, where President Donald Trump was in residence, are completely untrue—and that, in fact, this “intruder” has been linked by the SVR to a mysterious American spy having connections to both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND).  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

White House Secret Service agent belatedly responding to “intruder” on 10 March 2017

According to this report, the White House is considered to be an impenetrable fortress whose Secret Service (SS) protectors call it “Olympus”, because like the mythical mountaintop throne of Zeus, no one gains access to it without an invitation—and whose astounding security measures include:
Just inside the fence, alarms placed below ground and infrared sensors above the ground detect fence jumpers.  Hidden around the perimeter of the lawns and gardens are teams of armed Secret Service agents carrying semiautomatic pistols, shotguns and machine guns.  Snipers who can accurately hit targets as far away as 1,000 yards (914 meters) dot the White House roof.  An entire SWAT team takes to the roof whenever the president enters or leaves the building.”

With literally every inch of the White House and its grounds monitored by motion and infrared sensors from one of the most secure places on Earth able to take a direct hit from an atomic bomb, and refered to as the Underground White House, this report continues, the American mainstream propaganda media this weekend preposterously reported that at about 11:38pm Friday night, a lone “intruder” named Jonathan Tuan Tran was able to scale at least two fences, penetrate up to 200 yards from where he entered the grounds, while avoiding the most sophisticated motion and heat sensors ever developed, evade highly trained and heavily armed Secret Service SWAT teams, and who, also, was able to make his way to the very entrance of President Trump’s living quarters before his “bumping into” a lone uniformed Secret Service guard who took him into custody.

Artist depiction of Jonathan Tran during US Federal Court appearance on 12 March 2017

Important to note about Jonathan Tuan Tran, SVR analysts in this report write, was that he was employed as a Product Engineer at the Germany company known as International Rectifier(INFINEON)—whom Russian intelligence has long refered to as the “Mark of Beast” company for its efforts to have the entire population of the European Union “micro-chipped” with national ID numbers—and who, also, provides electronic access systems to various US government intelligence agencies—including the CIA and Secret Service.

Most critical, however, to note about Jonathan Tuan Tran, this report says, was his working for the San José State University Research Foundation between April 2011-December 2011—and who were major contributors to the CIA’s “New Psychic Frontiers” document about the US falling behind the Soviets in “mind ability” research released (except for major redactions) from classified top secret status on 10 September 2003.

During his time working for the San José State University Research Foundation, this report continues, Jonathan Tuan Tran also did work the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—and that the SVR states made him one of the hundreds of “recruits” brought into the American intelligence community through the EPA by the mysterious (and believed to be double agent) spy John Beale.
John Beale, this report explains, is believed by the SVR to have been recruited into Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) while he was stationed in Germany in the 1970’s with the US Army—and who in returning to the United States gained employment at the EPA becoming that US government agencies top paid employee—but whose earnings were said to be supplemented by the CIA whom he performed many secret recruiting missions for

In 2013, this report details, German Chancellor Angela Merkel “discovered” that her phone had been ordered tapped by President Barack Obama—and that SVR intelligence analysts state was confirmed as being true by information relayed to the BND by John Beale.
Within a week of Chancellor Merkel discovering that her phone had been tapped by President Obama, this report continues, John Beale was arrested by the Obama regime and charged with lying about his working for the CIA—and that he was sentenced to prison for with his being released this past year.   

As to exactly what this White House “intruder charade” was really all about, and that former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wackrow warned “had the potential to be catastrophic”, this report notes, remains “unknown/uncertain” to SVR intelligence analysts—especially with US mainstream propaganda media reports making up such outlandish lies such as Tran’s family was called by the Secret Service after his arrest—when, in fact, US federal agents would have swarmed every inch of his families home with no warning whatsoever so no evidence could be destroyed. 

In a speculative analysis, though, of this White House “intruder charade”, this report concludes, all of the available facts and evidence show that Jonathan Tuan Tran was able to gain access to the White House grounds using security credentials provided to him by his employer International Rectifier (INFINEON) (whose CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss is a personal friend of German Chancellor Merkel) in a combined CIA-BND assassination attempt on the life of President Trump.

Jonathan Tran's employer International Rectifier CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss (left) with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (center)

March 13, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

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