Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Bully *Censorship* State Hits New Lows

Midnight big fat yowls, special-spunky KitKats ... it's getting really bad out there in Orwellian social-media landia ... and, as this Big Cat has screaming-yowled for years now: FACEBOOK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND ... and GOOGLE is EVIL GO-OGLE ... for what can be placed in cyber space can be erased from cyber space [in cloud, out of cloud forever... you know, memory-holed] ... yeah, yeah, right they say *don't be evil* ... meanwhile Google can be as evil as it wants against you ... AGAINST FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND TRUTH. Currently, Infowars and other alternative news media sites, are being censored bigtime, with no reasons given...just having their vids removed -- or Facebook flags their vids as 'spam'. It will only get much, much worse.

If you don't want book-burning type of censorship on the web, DO ALL YOU CAN TO RESIST!!! AND STAND AGAINST THE DARKSIDE GLOBALIST MAN.  

Who knows when the Kougar's blog posts will be removed or merely made essentially unavailable because of algorithms ... not that she has any significant number of views ... she simply puts her voice out there in the cyber-verse with the idea of voicing her TRUTH... thus, to help others. 'Cause she wants real FREEDOM FOR ALL!

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