Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Omygawd! Pray For Roger Stone... and Gaming the Enemy Media

Roger Stone’s ‘The Making of the President 2016’: How Donald Trump Rode the Wave of Alternate Media to Become President
BREAKING!!! Darling Kittens ... Roger Stone, who was likely poisoned by deep state operatives earlier this year... has now been the victim of a hit and run accident in Florida... a car out of nowhere t-boned his car ... a car with darkly tinted windows and hard-to-read license plates t-boned the passenger side, where Roger was sitting... his airbags deployed, which Roger feels saved his life... and obviously the DIVINE was on his side, taking care of him. Please send Roger GOOD PROTECTIVE AND HEALING VIBES. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM, whatever your personal spiritual feelings are... this Big Cat LOVES and RESPECTS all GOOD PEOPLE, no matter your beliefs-practices. 


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Hannity: Maddow/NBC Is Leader Of Anti-Trump ‘Jihad’

Steve Watson | ‘Deep state saboteurs’ leaked tax documents.

Hillary Ally Offers $5 Million Reward For Trump’s “Complete, Legally Obtained Tax Returns”

Zero Hedge | And Trump continued to mock MSNBC this morning via twitter.

Trump’s 2005 Tax Rate Much Higher Than Normal…Even for the Very, Very Wealthy

Breitbart | The tax forms made public Tuesday night showed that Donald Trump paid $38 million in federal income taxes on reported income of $150 million in 2005.

Even Mainstream Media Forced to Admit Rachel Maddow Trump Tax ‘Scoop’ is a Big “Nothingburger”

Paul Joseph Watson | MSNBC host left embarrassed by “scandal” that only helps Trump.

“Jail Time!” Trump Slams Snoop Dogg Assassination Video, Mocks MSNBC’s Tax Leak

Zero Hedge | “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!”

The Internet TOTALLY DESTROYS RACHEL MADDOW After Trump Tax Fail: “I’ve Seen Bigger Scoops At Baskin Robbins”

Daily Sheeple | The White House itself issued a statement about one hour before Maddow was set to release the supposedly “leaked” documents.

Flashback: Clinton Says Trump Might Be Avoiding Releasing Taxes To Hide ‘That He’s Paid Nothing in Federal Income Taxes

Breitbart | “He doesn’t want the American people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he’s paid nothing in federal taxes.”

‘CLIENT COPY’: Did Donald Trump leak his own 2005 tax return?

American Mirror | Did the Trump-obsessed media get punked again?

What You Do On Your Cell Phone Could Come Back To Haunt You

Michael Snyder | If the government really wants to see what is on your cell phone, they are going to get that information one way or another.

What’s REALLY happening in Sweden?

Paul Joseph Watson | Trump was right.

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