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The Machiavellian War With the Deep State ... and Cliff High

Late night yowls, most wonderful and wild Kittens ... talk about double-down intense time, everything on the world stage and behind the world stage is Mega Machiavellian around President Trump, around ALL OF US, right now -- yep, it's purely mind-shattering for the Kougar, and difficult to keep up with... and now, there is Wikileak's VAULT SEVEN ... wow, wowee!!! Shout about GOOD DIVINE TIMING for our President Trump... so, this Big Cat has been wildly yowling about all of this VAULT SEVEN TRUTH for YEARS!!! Not the down and very dirty specifics, of course, as released by CIA Insiders... but yes, the plethora of proof has already been out there, however ***not*** reported by the enemy presstitutes to the people ... really, if you're following *truth reporting*, then it's just a matter of putting the logical and intuitive puzzle pieces together... and the Kougar has always been a trend watcher, a futurist of sorts, and has been putting two and two together since age thirteen.
Anyhoo, the civil war in and against the deep state bad guys/gals is about to get much more gigundis... and OBVIOUS to WE THE PEOPLE.
So, it looks like THE DONALD, our president, has just suckered the enemy-stupid press again with the whole being wiretapped thing. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, does an excellent job explaining all of this in detail with this article:

In bizarre plot to discredit Trump, NY Times says NY Times is fake news

Then, Cliff High discusses what his unique data mining program reveals about the Deep State, and our near future. 

Also, after Cliff High, Dave Hodges gives a primer about the Deep State. 

March 7, 2017 (hour 3) - Daniel Brigman with Guest Clif High

The Deep State is Dying-Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
Internet data mining expert Clif High says the world is witnessing the unmasking of the so-called “Deep State” and revealing it’s long held control over humanity. High explains, “The level of complexity of humans has increased, and that was the factor that the Deep State did not take into account.  They kept their rigid mindset, their rigid rules, their compartmentalization and kept everything so boxed in even they were unaware that humanity has evolved out and around their obstruction.  So, the Deep State is dying simply because the knowledge of it is so prevalent.  It can’t be stopped, and is growing exponentially, and, basically, the knowledge itself is going to crush the Deep State.”
High, who calls his data mining research “Predictive Linguistics,” says don’t expect the people who have had the power to go down without a fight. High says to expect “economic dirty tricks,” but High predicts “they backfire.”  High goes on to say, “The reason why they backfire is the same reason why the media tricks are backfiring is the population has evolved beyond the level of gaming the power elite are capable of. . . . So, the same kind of dirty tricks are not going to work anymore.  They are going to backfire as they each are tried.  We will see the trick to shovel debt into the population backfire on the power elite.”
One of the biggest fears for the power elite is the brewing scandal involving sex trafficking, some of which include children. High contends, “It is, at this stage, the lynchpin for the power elite that are currently in place.  They are very desperately afraid that any of this should get out, and, thus, we see very unusual activities such as Obama is going to lead 30,000 on an impeachment campaign and a revolution this spring.  That language is really quite remarkable.  Never in any previous election campaign that I have been able to see . . . do we see this level of emotional intensity after the election.”  So, Trump is going to go after these power elites?  High says, “Oh yeah, they are desperately afraid, it’s horrific.”
High also says his research shows the mainstream legacy media is also fearful. High predicts “1/3 of our broadcast media personalities . . . those famous faces, will either be arrested or flee the country” over sex trafficking or the cover-up of it.
High also has new data on dramatic price movements for gold, silver, Bitcoin and all sorts of chaos starting in the middle of March. High says that Trump has basically caught a wave of change and “Trump is a very good surfer.”  High says don’t expect Donald Trump to be removed from office.  High says, “The Trump rally, in terms of his popularity, will keep rising.”
High will also update us on revelations in Antarctica and has new information about Mars. More and more technology is going to be coming to the surface, and it will change humanity.
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of
(There is much, much more in this in-depth interview.)
After the Interview:
There is some free information and analysis on You can also go to the home page and buy Clif High’s latest report.  Just scroll down until you get to the title, which is “Watch this space.”  The report is nearly 40 pages long and can be purchased for $15.  It’s all

The Anatomy of the Deep State: Doug Hagmann and Dave Hodges- The CSS

Doug Hagmann
Doug Hagmann
What is the Deep State? How pervasive is it” Are they all powerful? What are their goals? Can they be stopped? What do we have to do?

Deep State Defined

People often ask me, what is the Deep State? Officially, this is the definition.
The Deep State is a state within a state and it is a political situation in a country when an internal organ (“deep state”), such as the armed forces and civilian authorities (intelligence agencies, police, administrative agencies and branches of governmental bureaucracy), does not respond to the civilian political leadership.

The Present Deep State

The Deep State has been with America for generations. However, under 8 years of Obama, the Deep State became all powerful. They control virtually every defense, intelligence and regular governmental agency.

How Is the Deep State Organized?

I interviewed Doug Hagmann about the organizational structure of the Deep State. The Deep State is omnipresent, and at the present time, they have more power that the President himself.

What Is Driving the Deep State?

There can be no question that Pizzagate is driving the timetable of the Deep State.  Many in the Deep State will take the perp walk when Jeff Sessons gets rolling on the Pizzagate indictments. The radical left, for whom this will mean prison time, are desparate to derail the process.

Excellent Analysis of the Deep State

Doug Hagmann’s information was the most complete I have heard on the nature and composition of the Deep State.  It make us all realize that the REAL Americans are in for the fight of their collective lives. If we do not roll up our sleeves and get to work, the America we know, the Constitutionally based America, will be a shadow memory in our history.
Here is Doug Hagmann’s analysis of the Deep State:

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