Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Afternoon big ole yowls, sweet and cute and incredible KitKats ... this Big Cat loves ya! Okay then, here we go...

"The Magic Christian" ~ a 1969 movie starring Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers 

Sir Guy Grand, the richest man in the world, adopts a homeless boy, Youngman. Together, they set out to prove that anyone--and anything--can be bought with money.


Sir Guy Grand adopts homeless bum Youngman to be heir to his obscene wealth, and immediately begins bringing him into the intricacies of the family business, which is to prey upon people's greed by use of the vast holdings of the Grand empire. They leave no stone unturned as sporting events, restaurants, art galleries, and traditional pheasant hunts turn into lurid displays of bad manners and profiteering. Things climax at the social event of the season, the inaugural voyage of the new pleasure cruiser The Magic Christian.Written by Ed Sutton
Yowls ahead... 

When the Kougar woke up this morning--difficult to do in these times--she suddenly remembered the last scene of a Ringo Starr movie...where people waded into a rising pool of urine and feces because money, as in paper bills, were being dropped into this ugly stenchy mess ... at the time, she would NEVER have waded into that sewage regardless of her situation... however, the metaphor is THAT IS OUR WORLD RIGHT NOW, the level, the ocean of vile corruption, the ocean of evil tyranny, the mountains and mountains of persecution and criminality, of repression and suppression ... We ARE ALL being subjected to this EPIC TWILIGHT ZONE REALITY day in and day out.... every blessed moment of our lives.

Well, the Kougar says NO!!! NO MORE. AS A DIVINE BEING SHE SAYS ***NO MORE***. SHE IS NOT A SLAVE TO THE NEW WORLD CRIMINALS. SHE IS NOT A SLAVE TOILING TO PAY FOR THEIR DEEP-HORROR DARK STATE, FOR THEIR SPACE-FLEET BASED BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION, FOR THEIR PARASITIC-FEEDING ON HUMANITY... and ***where the hell is her flying car, her beautiful Star-Trek future???*** that was promised when she was a child in school reading the WEEKLY READER. What happened to being THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR OWN DESTINY???!!!

Yeah, that was the carrot to entice all of us ... the incredible wonderful future we were promised as baby boomers ... but we never got that carrot, did we??? All we got was enslaving tech we pay for, SLAVE FOR at jobs which should no longer exist -- all we got was hypnotizing tech designed to turn us into useful androids, into borg-brain idjits, and into a herd that can be culled and dined on at will by the ***evil powers that be***. Congratulations, humanity, you have been massively conned.

So, question: would you wade into a pond of urine and feces sewage to gather up the almighty dollar???

Okay, for the sake of full disclosure, this Big Cat would only wade in [now] to use that money to save a loved one's life. By the way, she hadn't thought of that Ringo Starr movie in ages.

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