I have been reporting a dramatic uptick in FEMA camp activity in the country. I recenty interviewedJoshua Coy who is finding the same thing.  Reports are beginning to come in that are validating my concern.  For the record, let me say that this has nothing to do with President Trump as is being errorneously reported by lunatic with a Youtube channel.
President Trump is struggling to fully gain control of his government because of the treasonous Deep State. From what I have learned from various documents and insider sources, the recent FEMA camp activity increase is due to a coordinated plan to remove Trump from office and impose martial law and incarcerate millions of Americans who are loyal to Trump, the country and the Constitution.

Keeping COG  and FEMA Camps As Quiet As Possible

The Deep State does not want this information out with regard to FEMA camps and Continuity of Government (COG).  Here is a case in point: During a recent interview with Joshua Coy, we were subjected to noises that contained very bizarre noises. On the the recording there was tapping, voices paging like what you would hear at a train depot, music playing, heavy breathing and our interview was cut off before it was over and we could not reconnect. We were discussing the FEMA camp in Alaska that can house 2 million inmates.  Josh called me this morning, and reported that he had plugged in the interview into his car stereo and the noises that were present were nothing short of weird.  I use state of the art recording equipment (ie condenser mic, pop filter, etc), therefore, this should not be happening. Joshua thought the noises, when enhanced, sounded like MK-Ultra. Two others have said the same thing when they listened to the interview.

Preparing to Cordon Off the Cities During Martial Law

I have been reporting for almost a year about the activities in my area near the very rural Wittmann, Arizona. One has to consider that I have posted other photos of military activity in my remote area. This is totally out of context with the nature and past history of my area.
Here are several photos taken by one of my neighbors of military construction equipment that goes to the Toyota Proving Grounds just west of me. There are also 24/7 activities at the Toyota facility. Construction and excavation equipment are going into the facility 24/7 as well as military vehicles. Some of my neighbors here automatic gunfire in the middle of the night. We have terrible Internet. However, the powers that be are laying fiber optics out to the Toyota facility only yards away from the substandard Internet cables provided by Centurylink.  There are also fake water related manhole covers on a two lane road by my house which extend out to Toyota. EVERYONE IN MY AREA IS ON WELL WATER. We are trying to figure out what the hell they are building.
Maricopa County ostensibly issued a construction permit for Toyota to build a race track. Really? Are we supposed to believe that the track is underground, given the excavation equipment we have seen for a year? Are they building this track at night as we have seen construction trucks, cement mixers, etc., going into the facility at 10pm? The construction permit was on display outside Toyota’s main gate was fake We looked it up and it did not exist. After we called the County, they took down the fake permit.
Here are the most recent photos of military activity in my area and these are all construction related.
Military construction vehicles on the Highway headed towards the Toyota facility.

At the Toyota plant, there are aerial restrictions. We discovered this as we prepared to fly a drone over the facility and take photos. It would be a felony to do so. ALSO THE TOYOTA PLANT HAS BEEN REZONED TO A “MILITARY GOVERNANCE” AREA
What they are doing at this facility is the pre-positioning of the military that is controlled by the Deep State in which they are constructing a COG facility which will shut down the Highway 60 entrance/exit into NW Phoenix.Further, they are also likely building underground detention facilities like what Josh Coy is reporting is happening at the Alaskan facility.
When this country goes into martial law and COG takes over, these forces are being prepared to assume their role. Now we can fully understand what Jade Helm 15 is all about.

From Wittmann, Arizona to LaPorte, Colorado to any rural area in America, the military is up to something and private businesses and contractors are in league with these very strange events. Since I first ran this story, I have learned that this is going on all across the country.
This is a picture taken of military equipment on flatbeds headed out Toyota on our small two lane road.
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We are now seeing a great increase military vehicles in our area as described in the following video. This video was made late last fall and the events described are still transpiring today.

One of my neighbors, who took some of the photos in this article, was followed home by a blacked-out SUV after sitting and watching the excavation trucks going in and out of Toyota during the night.
The speed limit was reduced in our area from 55 to 45 to accomodate the trucks. The road was redone from a very low quality design to a state of the are road construction. This was not done for the locals benefit. Below is just on small example of what is going on all across the country.

An0ther Case In Point: La Junta, Colorado

As previously reported, here is LaJunta, CO. a closed Walmart is installing enhanced security and new Walmart Supercenter that has been opened walking distance away. A pickle factory has allegedly been converted into a brewery. Yet the brewery is on railroad tracks, has blacked out windows, they have hired nobody, have constructed barriers and SUV’s with tinted windows guard the facility. And this “brewery” is within walking distance of the closed Walmart. All of this is taking place in a small town which is experiencing a failed economy and many businesses are closed. The picture above depicts military vehicles being stored at the closed Walmart. This type of thing is going on all over the country.


Only weeks after the former TV show, Revolution, introduced the subject of FEMA camps, the series was cancelled despite high ratings. Jesse Ventura’s, Conspiracy Theory episode on FEMA camps was banned. My interview with Joshua Coy was interfered with as we were discussing COG and FEMA camps.
The Common Sense Show is collecting information from Americans all across the country on suspicious FEMA camp activity. Please send us your pictures, videos and stories.I fear we do not have long to wait. If Trump is impeached, or otherwise deposed, we can expect the immediate execution of these plans.
Are you willing to do your part?