Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Since the 1940's, did they know...

Good and gorgeous Big Cats, it’s come to the Kougar’s attention that the planet, Uranus, turns direct. The planet of freedom and *the unique in every individual*, will be influencing world events as well as sparking a new sense of freedom within us all.
Since moi couldn’t state it better, here’s a quote from ~

Uranus is the oddball of the solar system. For starters, it rolls along its side -- on its equator -- instead of spinning upright in its orbit the way planets typically do. Uranus is also in retrograde for more than five months out of every Earth year.

Uranus, the planet of rebellion, turns direct on December 1. Astrologically, Uranus liberates you from the shackles of convention and applies pressure to change whatever is stagnant in your life. Uranus rules electromagnetic energy and is like a lightning storm that creates chaos as it cleans the air, revealing a fresh new world once the storm has cleared. It is a new day -- almost a new year -- and the road ahead needs your help in paving it. It’s not every year that Uranus turns direct within hours of a full Moon! (The full Moon in Gemini occurs on December 1 PST, and December 2 EST). This year, your desire for independence and freedom is heightened, and the full Moon dials up your emotions even more.


Since the 1940's, did they know... that is the question some researchers, who have spent a lifetime studying the blackest of the black ops projects, are now asking, in regards to the over-commercialized, yet ubiquitous *** 2012 *** ~ the end of the Mayan calendar ~ or, the turning of an age, according to many ancient wisdom sources.
What if they did know? What if they know something they aren’t telling us? Gee, wouldn’t that be the surprise of the ages, if they did speak out about whatever was discovered.
What is known is that THEY [the shadow government] have been tunneling beneath us all, like moles on a mission from God, since the end of World War II.
There are gigundis underground and inside-mountain bases, especially in the west.
The city of Denver, Colorado is a major tunnel hub... you know that horrendously over-budget airport they built that appeared to be jinxed by Satan himself... yep, tunnels that tentacle all across the continent. Denver has also been turned into the second US capital, with federal agencies moving there as if there’s a new goldrush. Course, with the current price of gold, there might very well be a new rush on.
It’s reported, too, that THEY’RE arming themselves to the teeth, using technologies that could save the Earth from pollution and provide everyone with inexpensive energy. Too bad, so sad, we ‘peasants’ don’t rate even a moment’s compassion, let alone beloved Mother Earth.
So, the Kougaress’s question... WHO is arriving?
Sure, there are likely to be more turbulent, even catastrophic land changes... yeah, there’s indications, given the lessening of Earth’s magnetic field, that there could be a pole shift, where north and south switch... yep, solar flares so massive they take out crucial satellites and take down the electrical grid beyond repair, is a possibility... Tsunamis, floods, quakes, tornadic storms... volcanoes popping their corks... people going mad max... but, really, WHO is arriving?
WHO are they so scared of they’ve created bunkers to shiver inside while doing battle using all their secret weaponry?
The Kougaress is thinking it might be the CELESTIAL GOOD GUYS AND GALS.
Might be.

Course, if you haven't read the Kougar’s 2012 erotic romance novel, WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, yet... *insert promo here* ... now’s your chance.

Authoress news and mews ~

IT’S COMING! IT’S COMING! ON DECEMBER 11th ~ The Holiday Hunk blog tour put on by the Liquid Silver authors for your festive and ‘fanning self’ pleasure... lots of book prizes... plus, there will be a chat afterwards with many of the authors, ask those questions you’ve been dying to.
The Kougar will be adding her latest Sunday Flash ~~~ Decorating the Marble Statue ~ The X-Flash Story of Sabrina and D’Vallis ~~~ to her FLASH FICTION COLLECTION at TextNovel ~

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Sylva slowly explored her cowboy husband’s lance-like cock and watched the pleasure-pained contortion of his face. His eyelids appeared to be invisibly clamped shut. Lightly swirling her hand over the tight silky skin of his manhood, she throatily purred, “You’re about to scorch my hand, stud.” Her answer came as a desperate grunt. “My, my, what do we have here?” Sylva skimmed her palm over his large balls, flush against his body. “You’ll have to tell me if I get too rough. I don’t want to do any irreversible damage.” His bucked a bit, then controlled himself. “Dang it, Sylva.”

Zeke swore a giant black-burning coil of need, from the base of his cock to his throat, owned his entire torso. “Hmmm...” She delicately fondled his achy breaky balls, about to explode like fireballs. “They definitely feel studly. But, maybe, you should turn over...” Zeke groaned so loud, he was surprised the bed didn’t vibrate beneath them. Once the sound receded, she firmly gripped his cock, and gave a small tug. “You didn’t let me finish,” she seductively reprimanded. Zeke’s body went utterly rigid with passion. His eyelids flew open. “This stud is about to buck and go wild, wife.”
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...
PLEASE! Darling KitKats, if you have any thought about taking the flu shot/swine flu shot, please! Read the insert first, not just the info sheet.
ALSO! *Private* contracts with the vaccine suppliers require that any deaths or injuries not be reported. Plus, all the vaccine companies are immune from being sued for injuries and death due to their vaccines.
Yes, please! Let the privileged have the Kougar’s designated flu shot.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny ~ ~

Have a Splendid Holiday Season...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Big celestial kiss from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Oooh, I'm hoping it's the Insatiable Dark Heroes that are coming! ~pun indeed intended~ ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ yeah, now that's what I call THE COMING in 2012...