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Halloween Inspired ~ The Arrival

Painting by Russel Mobley ~

Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ from the Kougar’s WIP, first presented last Halloween and revised again... spooky meows ~

The Arrival

“Beware, the Bloodsuckers,” Kristyn dramatically intoned . The latest news about Wall Street’s plunge straight toward hell streamed across the top of her computer’s monitor. On the TV, in the background, Conan O’brien posed, shook his red hair like a rooster on steroids, and paraded for the approving squawk of his audience.
Once the website had fully loaded, Kristyn, middle-aged unpublished writer, blinked in sheer disbelief as she read and clicked. Leaning forward, she stared closer at her 19" screen. Not only with disbelief. A rabid curiosity seized her. The ink-black and blood-red, graphic-impressive site all about vampyres was definitely a spooky thrill, and highly informative, and had certainly aided her research for the erotic romance story she’d just started. But...omygawd...
“Can’t be real,” she muttered. Hunching forward, a bad habit, Kristyn squinted her eyes as she often did, since she was near-sighted. And her eyeglasses only caused dizziness. “Stranger than fiction,” she muttered again, amusing herself as she re-read the advertisement written in old-fashioned font on a parchment scroll. “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of...Shakespeare,” she murmured.

Eagerly desired: Those humans who wish to be cherished
while performing the invaluable service of feeding our visiting
galactic brethren, the Translexion Vampyres, who arrive to
battle the gathered Dark Forces, and also arrive to assist us
in bringing forth the enlightened progress of Earth.
May It Be Blessed So

Shaking her head slightly, she read over the advertisement once again – scrutinizing for anything that could tell her if this was a hoax, just for scary fun – or for real. Bizarre real. An avid listener to Coast-to-Coast AM, Kristyn had studied paranormal subjects and the metaphysical most of her life. She kept an open mind to any possibility, no matter how weird or far-out – part of her nature ever since she could recall. Besides, she had her own tried and true intuitive abilities.
Nothing with vampyres though. She wasn’t into the whole Hollywood bloodsucker horror thing. Although, a gory red-running feed on the golden parachute CEO’s, and on the spa-luxuriating executives who’d just been bailed out by the tax payer...well, there was a movie she’d cheer for, and watch.
Suddenly something sizzled in the pit of her stomach.
“Wow,” Kristyn whispered. Sitting back a bit, she blinked several times and wondered how many ‘humans’ had bitten, then been bitten – ha, ha. How many had already decided to be ‘cherished’. Only those who liked vampire dress-up, got off on blood drinking – obsessed over the whole tall, dark and vamp mystique thing?
“Maybe it’s just a publicity stunt for some upcoming movie project.”
Scrolling down, she read the cautionary warning.

Be fairly warned. Those humans who chose this path
will have chosen a journey that cannot be undone.
Search your soul, your heart, your mind and spirit,
dearest one. Think from the deepest recesses of your being –
if this journey belongs to you. Before you speak these
ancient upon ancient words. Before you promise yourself
in the service of this sacred binding spell.

Tingling eerily, Kristyn slowly read the words of the spell, that if spoken aloud would bind one in service agreement to a Translexion Vampyre. However they were different from home-grown Earth vampyres? She shrugged. She certainly had no clue.
“It’s in english, how ‘real’ can it be?” she muttered to herself. Should she speak the words out loud? Her perverse wild streak duked it out with her ultra-careful wary side.
More eeriness shivered through her. Last evening’s vivid scene played in her mind. When the hellishness of her life had, once again, overcome her. And she’d insanely shouted – she might as well let a vampire suck her blood, kill her – words she’d never spoken before, never even thought of before. She’d morosely included that if a guillotine was close by, she’d use it. Since a fast falling slice of a blade had to be a fairly quick death.
At the time, she’d meant her words.
After her desperate explosion against the terrible hell of her life, she’d considered how odd it was, she’d yelled about feeding a vampire – given she was the scream or faint-at-the-sight of gushing blood kind of woman. In the past the very thought of being fed on was abhorrent, icky, nauseating... ye, totally disgusting.
Except, she’d been researching romance novel vampire heroes – and then there was the whole Buffy and Angel thing. That fantasy was just too good, too wickedly enticing.
Locking her fingers, Kristyn stretched upwards. She kept her gaze focused on the ‘sacred spell’. Releasing the long stretch, she sighed down to her worn-out soul. Truth-to-tell, she was tired of thinking ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ through to the nth degree in her life. Tired down to her fifty-something bones.
She spoke the spell. Even added a dramatic flourish.
She waited. Silently.
On the television screen, the former Captain Kirk entertained a squeamish Conan with reality, how he collected stud sperm. And life, the dull hellish horror it was, moved forward...unceasing in its torture.
Summoning up Coast-to-Coast AM on internet streamlink, she turned off the tv, then continued her non-existent writing career.

Arrival..., the webmail was titled. Yielding to her curiosity, she clicked open, though usually most webmail moved straight into the cyber wastebasket.

Your journey on beloved Earth begins anew, our dear one. Who you seek in sacred incantation, the Vampyre you have summoned, arrives...

“Too creepy,” she murmured. Shivers began, rapidly escalating to nasty goose bumps.
To most you may be one person, to me you are my cherished world.
The masculine whisper invaded her mind and Kristyn felt shrouded in deepest darkest shadow.
Not moving, holding her breath, Kristyn waited, half-expecting her lights to flicker off, and her computer screen to die. Then, she’d be left in total darkness, at the mercy of...a vampire? Her stomach tightened painfully. What the hell now?
Do not be afraid, I await you now.
Stalker, she thought instantly. Was someone just outside her window? The blood pounded in her ears, a roaring empty sound. Unlikely, since she was out in the middle of cattle country. Still, psychos could be anywhere at anytime. And this was precisely why she never watched horror movies. Fear stabbed you in the heart way before the knife plunged repeatedly into the terrorized victim’s chest.
‘Do not be afraid’, how insane was that? Kristyn quaked inside at the thought of what she would hear next, and from the words she’d already heard. They’d been oddly powerful, definitely unique. And poetic. Yes, she had heard them from whoever, or whatever. That she didn’t doubt. Whether it was someone outside her window, whether it was actual telepathy, or if the government spooks were playing cruel Halloween games, using their cell tower thought-implanting technology...whichever, she didn’t know.
The real eeriness, the one haunting her down to her bones, was how similar the words were to the ones she’d seen on the Vampire website.
Clicking the mute button on the media player, she focused on listening, while cold shivers chased each other up and down her spine. Waiting, she heard only the loud whoosh of her own breath as she released it, then the fast drumming beat of her heart. Weapons, she needed a weapon.
Too bad she’d never ordered that cattle prod. And she didn’t have a gun. Not that a cattle prod or a gun actually worked to stop a vampire. Wooden stake...maybe, there was on out in the old barn. Silver bullet...yeah, in this bad economy silver was too damn scarce for bullets. Garlic...the organic garlic powder out in the kitchen. But, what did she do? Sprinkle it on him? Before he took that first bite out of her neck?
Suddenly, the shrill yip-yip of hunting coyotes burst into the silence, coming from the north pasture behind her. As the pack moved closer, closing in on what they hunted, probably an unlucky rabbit, the sharp wild barks escalated. Her nerves rattled to an unbearable pitch and she shook her head, trying to calm herself.
Rising slowly, silently, and half-frozen with fear, Krystin moved toward the window. Willing her hand not to shake, she finally pulled back the makeshift curtain. Not looking out, she listened to the chase sounds of the coyotes gradually fade, then cease altogether.
I await you in the full light of the blazing orange moon. Come to me, Kristyn.
Where? Her mind asked the question sarcastically, before any common sense had kicked in. Shut up, she told herself, then peeked out the window like a certified idiot. It was the wrong window to see anything. Sure, like she was going to go back and look out the bathroom window, where the nearly full moon’s brightness lit up the pasture.
Hell, how damn hard was her heart pounding? Her chest hurt. “That’s all I need, is a heart attack,” she whispered. “Well, hell, if I die, he can bring me back to being undead.”
For a moment of relief, Kristyn attempted to smile, to be amused by her own dry humor. She failed.
Come to me, my treasured woman. I stand near your double doors. I await your beauty.
You have a big wait. I am not beautiful.

Stunned by the thought she might be mind-talking with Someone, she dropped the curtain, and spun around. That’s when it struck. A lightning bolt out of the blue. Or, in her case, a bolt out the star-sprinkled black sky. Because suddenly, she battled the terrible urge to head back to her bedroom, walk to the back doors, open them...
Stop it! she ordered herself. Damn, I feel like Jello.
Oh yeah, calling 911 would work now, she told herself. Great idea. Sure. If she was actually mind-speaking with a Svengali-like vampire...if he was bloodthirsty, it would be all over, including the screaming shouts before anyone arrived.
Damn! My heart feels like it’s stuck in my throat.
I promise our first bite together will not be painful, my Kristyn. Come to me. You will not regret your choice.
Like I would trust a vampire....if you are a vampire.
I am your Vampire, my beauteous Kristyn.

Leave, she commanded. Why not? God, she prayed, ‘a little help here. No, a lot of help!
I have arrived for you, my Kristyn. Let the moonlight bless our union.
She froze inside. Yet her feet were still moving, since a strange compulsion used her bloodstream like a race track. Antifreeze, I need antifreeze to escape, she thought. Only it’s poisonous. Archangel Michael, protection here, please.
Her entire body continued moving, despite her repeated orders to stop.
I don’t want moonlight, she desperately spoke in her mind.
Open the door, Krystin. I await you. I await our life together.
Life? Aren’t you undead? God, help her, she was talking to a vampire, real or not. How insane was that? Even if she did believe in the possibility, even if she felt utterly possessed, with a terrible compulsion to open her back door, and step out beneath the moon. Unable to control herself, Krystin gripped the knob, and turned. Oh, God, no.
Yes, Kristyn. Come kiss me in the moonlight.
Resisting, she clenched her teeth, then concentrated on halting her hand from fully twisting the knob. Sensations like a stormwind swept through her flesh. She opened the door.
“God, no,” she whispered. Before moving outside, Krystin stared into the night’s darkness. Nothing seemed amiss. Moonbeams bathed the trees close to her, and made the pasture beyond them, appear luminous.
After several moments, she heaved in a large breath. The next instant, she heard rustling. Slowly, with fear razoring through her belly, she looked. Her heart hitched to a painful halt, then pounded so rapidly she wondered that she didn’t just topple over.
Across her large yard, a man stood like a silhouette. Tall, with an appearance of elegance, he waited on the edge of her gravel drive. The ends of his long hair slightly stirred in the gentle gusts of wind. His cape, which ended at mid-calf, also billowed slightly.
Krystin felt the urge to blink, yet her eyelids seemed to be stuck wide open, as if controlled by a supernatural force.

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Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 306 ~

Sylva shuddered as Zeke’s lips claimed her rigid nipple. Flames licked through her, intensifying each time he gently tugged. With tender strokes he took possession of her other breast. Bathed in sensations of a wanton bliss, Sylva realized that she fell in love with her cowboy’s ability to take her with a slow hand. “That’s it, darlin’,” he purred close to her wet nipple, his breath a sensuous scorch. “Let me have that gorgeous body of yours.” Damn, like she could do anything else. Aware her nails were embedded in his shoulder, Sylva asked, “Oh no, am I hurting you?”

Zeke sensed the surrender of his Sylva like a stud who knew a mare wanted his breedin’ in the worst way. He continued caressing her breast, the feel of her so beautiful to him it was as if he touched something sacred. She was sacred, his woman, his bride. His lips craved the tight bud her nipple had become and he sucked, his lips slow-dancing with her carnal flesh. She whimpered, a tiny sound that let him know how much he pleasured her, as did the unceasing stab of her nails. Zeke controlled the demanding fierceness of his cock, suckling.
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