Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flash of the Graveyard Dagger

Pic from artist, Ashley Wood (from his book "Popbot"). ~ ~

Good and glittering-eye Big Kittens all, Halloween creeps closer... a storm moved in during the late morning hours. It’s been a long rainy day on the tame prairie and moi tried sleeping in, hoping for a more rapid recovery with her healing leg. Only time will tell.
Cemeteries ruled Flash Fiction Sunday at the Liquid Silver SEx blog. Yep, oh fierce and mighty Kittens, it was the Day of the Dead flash ~ hosted by Hortense Powdermaker ~ “Yes, the Day of the Dead is upon us – next week. November 1st and 2nd are festival days traditionally celebrated in Mexico to honor the dead.”

Here’s the Kougar’s sort of a flash...

The Graveyard Dagger ~

The dagger, I must find my family’s ancient dagger or watch everyone I care for perish, die gruesomely at the hands of an old human-like breed recently loosed from their containment in a deep underground cavern. To live, these creatures with pearl-pale skin tinted by gray, with eyes that can glow blood-red, feed on the blood of my kinsmen. No, not with fangs like a vampire. They slice open a vein and drink greedily from the scarlet fountain or let it fill their strange ornate chalices.
How do I know this? I’m a Seer. I watched it happen in my visions while I silently screamed in horror. Days later, the bodies of the victims were found, drained of all blood. They were my relatives across the pond, who live on the Emerald Ilse.
Buffeting winds knife through me and I clutch my coat tighter as I walk quickly up the long rise of ground. With winter around the corner, the grass has browned in our family’s graveyard, begun in 1801 when we moved to Kentucky.
Swiftly, the mist of our spell swirls around me like haunting apparitions, then reveals what has been kept hidden from the rest of the world. Not only the few graves of my ancestors, but the immense stone vault I must enter in search of the dagger. No, it won’t be so easy as prying open the door. I must summon a power I have never used before.
At a sound, like the scrape of a boot, I whirl. The wind slaps strands of my long hair across my face. I’ve kept it loose, free from any restraint because it increases the strength of my supernatural abilities, so little used in these modern times.
The inane urge to shout ‘who goes there’ purses my mouth as a dark form takes shape and moves toward me. Soon, I see the gait of a man, a tall imposing figure. Damn, I know him. I shudder inside, then seethe with utter rage, the red boil of my blood before my eyes. His betrayal rises like bile up my throat. I want to scream like a hoyden at him, and hurl the largest stone I can find.
“Kharmen.” His voice is like thick smoke and already it spirals through me, a carnal sorcery. “You need me.”
“I never needed you.” Refusing to gaze at him fully, I spin around. “Go away. I don’t want to waste my energies getting rid of you!”
Somehow, he captures my hand from behind, a gentle grasp only. He knows my power if he pushes me beyond reason.
“You need me,” he repeats. “I will add to your magick, as it was before.”
‘As it was before’, his words cut worse than any dagger stabbing into my flesh over and over. Yet, to the truth, he is correct.
“Stand beside me,” I order, then extend my arm toward the vault door.
We twine hands in a knot of power. I aim my finger and ‘see’ the dark violet streams strike the copper circlet before they burst forth.
As I envisioned it, so it now occurs. The bolts of violet light explode against the copper and spark magnificently. Suddenly, the vault door blows open, as if sucked free by a tornado.
We enter quickly, our hands still locked. There’s only so much time before it will close again. I wave my palm creating a soft illumination. In my mind’s eye I focus on the appearance of the dagger, knowing that will lead me to it’s location.
“Here!” I pull him toward a ruby-encrusted slender case that sits by itself on top of one altar.
“No!” He hauls me back against his brawny chest, so familiar I heave in breaths of need and fight a heady desire. “Don’t touch it.”
“Why?” I demand.
“Remember, Kharmen,” he intones hypnotically, “remember.”
The fog, of centuries long past, vanishes from my mind and I recall the early teachings of my magickal heritage. Reluctantly, I let the memory surface to its fullest as I turn into his embrace, an acceptance of what I must do.
“Make it fast.”
The last word barely passes my lips before he is sweeping me against him. His mouth on mine, he seizes the kiss I give him with a passion that makes me his, once again.
Together, we claim the dagger. Only it’s enchanted blade will pierce the hearts of our enemies destroying them for an eternity.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 302 ~

Sylva debated whether to slip on one of the satin robes. She’d just stepped out of the ion unit and felt clean, refreshed. Though, she definitely preferred a shower, this was wonderful, certainly convenient. There were no worries about keeping her hair dry, either. Deciding on the ivory-colored robe, she slipped into it, then felt the slithery fabric cling to her body as she walked inside the bedroom. In the candle-like lighting, the bed looked inviting and seemed to whisper her name. Letting the robe fall to her feet, Sylva stroked the downy plump coverlet before sliding beneath the sheets.

Zeke strode from the ion unit. His balls tightened painfully with anticipation, the kind of ache that let him know he had stud endurance. Pausing at the bedroom door, he gazed at his wife. She’d reclined on her back, her head propped up on a couple of pillows, waiting for him. Though now, her pale little eyelids had closed. Silently, he moved toward her indulging himself in the sweet, yet sexy picture she made, just for him. Her beautiful round breasts were draped with the satin sheet. Her strawberry red hair had been flung backwards and lay in gorgeous waves.
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Have a Wonderful and Wild Halloween...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Kiss of the enchanted dagger, from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Ooh, fabulous flash!! Who is that dark and sexy man kissing Kharmen?

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ I expanded the flash a bit, the new improved edition. I think I'll use it for my Shapeshifter Seductions' bloggie.
Halloween smooches ~