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Yep, most darling Big Cats, a year ago was the release date for the Kougar’s stallion shifter, sci fi erotic romance novella, TANGERINE CARNAL DREAMS. If you’d like to celebrate with moi, slink on over to THE PINK BLOG ~ Saturday, August 8 ~ for a newly written scene where the heroine and the hero first meet, since the story begins when the hero, Prince Ziocese, has already chased the heroine, Corporal Katta, half-way around the galaxy.

Here’s the beginning of the scene ~

Eight Reasons His Future Wife Refused Him

Anticipating a rolling romp with the elf-like Bregril seductress, Zio shoved the crystal entry card into the tiny slot. Within moments the opaque force field lowered and Zio knew the female he scented was the same women he’d watched leave the spaceport bar. He’d trained his lusty eye on her beautiful exceptional athleticism, then on her deliciously round curves.

Zio had lamented the woman hadn’t stayed long enough for him to saunter her way. He would have nibbled her ear with words, convincing her out of the intergalactic military uniform she wore, one that was also specific to her world.

For some reason he didn’t understand, unless the Bregril woman wanted a threesome, he stood inside the luxuriously appointed room, inhaling the officer woman’s honey musk scent and knew she bathed. Moving closer, he fully indulged his flaring nostrils, drawing in her flame-wild fragrance, partially due to her fire-shooting ability. Some in her race possessed the power to shoot lightning-like blazes from their palms.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 223 ~

Sylva fingered the butter-soft suede of the figure-hugging vest held up by her cowboy husband. “I am all a-tingle,” she affected. “Both of them are absolutely fantastic. I think the butterscotch outfit, if it fits, though.” Zeke laid the dusty pink vest and skirt to one side. “Don’t you worry none, darlin’. It’s designed to fit. There are lacings on the back, both the vest and the skirt.” Sylva did a little dance inside. “I’m falling in love with the clothing on this Earth.” She smiled widely at Zeke. Leaning forward, she braced herself on his chest, meeting his lips.

Zeke brushed kisses on his wife’s delectable mouth until she deepened their kiss. Both of them realized time was growing short and they parted lips gazing at each other for long moments. “And I just might be falling in love with one tall handsome son of a gun,” his woman crooned softly. “Now, tell me. Do I wear a blouse with the vest? And where are my boots?” Zeke grinned, happier than a horse who’d found the oat bin left open. “Blouse for this evening,” he answered. Taking her hand he twirled her toward the row of full-sleeve, off-the-shoulder blouses.
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ 222 ~ see the Kougar’s prior bloggies... or the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~
Coming soon!
The ROOM theme is on HEA and is anything about rooms - your own inner space and psyche, the rooms you inhabit in your imagination, a room that holds a pivotal place in one of your novels, the room where you write, a room where something romantic happened to you or yours or one of your characters. Your own favourite room. Whatever you fancy. It could be a perfect room that you devise and share with us.
Whatever you fancy!
Cheers, Lindsay
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Friday ~ Danielle Thorne ~ My hero! Why imperfect is perfect
Most people don’t enjoy blemishes. We throw away moldy bread, agonize over pimples, and rub those little smears on the mirror. Why then, do we prefer our heroes with a few defects?
Moi’s comment mew-sings ~
Turtle Soup is a fab title and I love your premise...
Love conquers all imperfections... so it is... here's to your beautiful post.
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Sara, fantastic bloggie! I first fell for Robinhood watching that 1937 black and white film. No one has the unique dash of Errol Flynn. Course, I wondered why Maid Marion wasn't riding with him... actually, she does in a lot of stories.
We are exceptionally lucky to 'create the men of our dreams over and over' ~ You are so right. Beautifully spoken.
I HERO ~ Adrian Paul in his role as the Highlander, especially.
However, there have been many, many romance novel heroes who did it for me. Johanna Lindsey's heroes included.
Note: I thought it was Clark Gable who starred in IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT.
Cary Grant is ultra sexy in TO CATCH A THIEF
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“Jake. After raptors and evil aunts and dive-bombing helicopters and powerful time travelers, Jake looked so normal.”

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There's a lot to love on Earth II including Zeke. And Sylva is no fool.


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