Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lucy in the Sky ~ The Crop Circles ~

Beloved Big Cats, Lucy Pringle is one of the magical names for those of us who remain on the sidelines of crop circle understanding and research. She takes the most fabulous pictures, often while flying in a helicopter or small plane.
Yep-meow, Lucy in the sky with her diamond-like camera lens shooting pictures from a helicopter. And her pictures are magical, often a magical mystery tour of each year as her calendars demonstrate.
Simply as pure amazing art, the Kougar adores the photos of crop circles, both those that have been created by humans and those that have *not* been created by the people of this world. By who or whom? This Big Cat does not know. There is much educated speculation and debate to the point of such complexity it’s mind boggling.
Like amazing art of any kind, most of the crop circle designs are uplifting to the Kougaress. Perhaps, also, inspiring at an unconscious level or spiritual level.


Sadly, for the Kougaress, if the current Health Bill in Congress passes, she is doomed, most probably. As are those like her, and many others. Why? Moi will be forced into a medical system guaranteed to kill her. Being allergic to every medication, even anti-pain topicals used in dentistry, this Big Cat stands no chance. Not when she can be forced into so-called medical care with someone else deciding the treatment or non-treatment given. All it will take is one shot administered, one drug given in an IV, against this Big Cat’s wishes... and it will be pushing up daisies time for moi.
There is no way to opt out. To say ‘no’. To say ‘no thank you’, I don’t want this. They are going to enroll you in Medicaid, regardless of your say so.
Did you know they will have complete access to your bank account? All it will take is the bureaucrat in charge to say you need this treatment and we need this payment. Goodbye money. Goodbye, life. Oh, oops, now we don’t have to pay you any social security, you’re dead and gone. Oh, so sad.
One depressed Kitty here... mew.


Just for the cowboy lovin’ big cats ~ a sneaky peekie THE LAST WRITTEN PARAGRAPHS-snippet from BRANDED BY THE TEXANS...

Rising to a sitting position, Dash clutched the bottle and poured down a few swallows, then gave it back to Dono. “Hope we don’t have to use this too often.”
“She’s a frisky filly. Temperamental, though. And if she ain’t feelin’ up to par we got something to rein in our libidos.” Capping the bottle, Dono replaced it and closed the chest lid.
“Dang, that’s bitter tastin’. Course, if it works, I won’t be complaining.” Dash re-draped the blanket, then gazed at Kylie’s face. Pale, she was lost to the type of sleep where her body didn’t move. Dillon had been right. She was as exhausted as they’d been during long months of engaging the enemy. A time Dash didn’t want to forget, but preferred not to dwell on.
His gaze on Kylie, Dono moved back to his spot and covered himself with the tartan plaid blanket. “If she’s not okay when she wakes up Dillon is going have our hides. And I won’t blame him. I’ll help him skin us.”

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 216 ~

Sylva played with the wand like a new toy, watching her thigh become silky smooth as if by magic. She understood the concept of what Zeke had explained to her, how it worked. Magic, an Earth world where the magical abilities of the mind, of the soul, had been so frightening to a powerful few, they’d done their best to eliminate people like her. Now, they abducted them. Sylva well understood the fear, in one way. Wasn’t that the way of the world often? The strongest in a group were eliminated by those who were afraid or wanted to rule.

Zeke opened the second message, his heart humping at a goodly rate. “Overheard Ranson vow revenge against you six months past. He was drunk on his ass and hard up for companionship. Claimed when you married, the first moment he knew about it, he’d be plannin’ something devil-inspired against you. Truth, ole buddy, not certain he remembered his own words the next day. Even apologized for being inebriated up to the gills. Hasn’t been bar drinking since. Still, a man needs to watch his six, especially with a new bride. Back-slapping congratulations, you son of a gun. When’s the reception?”
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Moi’s comment mew-sings ~
Keena, truly enjoyed your writing style. And I love medieval romances.
My heroes don't usually go quite that dark, so redeeming them wouldn't involve quite as much story effort.
As far as redeeming a secondary character... probably most readers wouldn't want Lucifer utterly redeemed.
However, a person's life, or the hero's life and past, is what I would use to bring him forth into hero-hood.
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...
HATE!!! > DTV> it’s a ripoff.


Have a Happy Summer...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Lazy weekend kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Those are some seriously awesome crop circles! I especially like the one in the upper right corner.

Yikes, I can see why the new insurance plans would be scary for you! Here's to hoping they've figured something out that will be better for all, before it is offered to the public!

Poor Kylie is tuckered out! But dang what a way to go!!!

Gem Sivad said...

So, now Zeke is left wondering. Foe or friend? Who can he trust?


Gem Sivad said...


just gem above.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ crop circles are such a glorious tease, in a way. It would be wonderful to spend a season in England seeing them... that is, if they were made.

Yeah, for those like me, there seems to be no concern at all.

Gem ~ yep, that's it, friend or foe.