Thursday, July 2, 2009

COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham

Shapeshifters rule, my gorgeous Big Cats. Yesterday, it was THE CHALLENGE by Serena Shay.
Today, the Kougar is introducing her ATIV buddy, Pat Cunningham, and her very first romance genre book, COYOTE MOON ~ coming soon from Siren-BookStrand, their BookStrand line. Looks like July 7 is the lucky release date. Check out Pat’s blog post at Title Magic.
Here’s a peekie at the beginning ~

Cody Gray hiked into Coopersburg just shy of sunset, and right off the bat he smelled she-wolf.
Cody’s mouth stretched in a great big fox-in-the-henhouse grin. If he’d had his tail right then, he’d’ve wagged it. All the way up from Texas he’d been on the lookout for some nice wild country to set up a pack in, and a mate to help him get started. Just when he figured northern California might fill the bill for one, Fate dropped the other in his lap. Chaos, patron of the coyote-folk, must be smiling on him.
He set his nose to the wind. He’d already spotted a bar up ahead, and a couple of houses and a gas station, before the two-laner he’d hitchhiked in on widened out and entered Coopersburg proper. The she-wolf was at the gas station, and plenty riled by the scent of her. He drank in a noseful of her and sighed. Nice and pungent. Alpha, maybe? He liked his girls feisty. Cody quickened his pace.
Closer to the gas station, he spotted a nasty tableau: three big apes closing in on a pair of ladies. The lady in back, getting herded into the dubious safety of the garage bay, was slender, blonde and cursing like a dock hand. The herder had auburn hair and three-four inches on the blonde. She looked fit to chew brass and spit tacks. Cody’s pulse ramped up to a gallop. There was his wolf, and she was about to get herself trounced. Her bared teeth kept the apes at bay, but they wouldn’t hold much longer.
He slowed and came up on them careful and unnoticed, close enough to smell the alcohol on the apes and hear the menace coloring their taunts. The wolf-gal said something. The snarl in her tone announced the apes were in for a whuppin’, but she made no move to attack. Cody crouched behind a parked car. Chaos, only three of them. Why didn’t she just shift and end it?

Dorchester/Textnovel contest ~


CHAPTER THREE ~ Thunder-Force Man
Keziah considered freezing the waves of time. She’d stroll like a cool-as-ice, diamond-flashing diva toward him, then deign to answer his question actually more of a sky-cracking demand as he remained suspended between the rippling frequencies.

Truth to Zeus, though, she wasn’t certain enough of her force remained to pull off that all-in-the-timing trick. Giving her hair a slight toss so that it danced in waves, she peeked at Thunder-Force Man from beneath her lashes

More... ~

Authoress news and mews ~

Wow, Kittens, moi spent most of the day working on her Embrace the Shadows blog ~ ~ questions from Dawn McClure... great questions... omy-meow-goodness, though, it ate up the time.
BTW ~ There’s an excellent blog by Barbara J. Hancock, erotic romance author of CAPTURED ~ on whether to read and write erotic romance.
Also, Lila Duboi’s author interview is outstanding, intriguing and darn fun.


Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 186 ~

Sylva grinned in response to his playful, but wicked grin, and knew he thought about where else he could apply honey on her body. Arching a brow, she asked, “Two days?” Her cowboy twiddled a spoon, remembering. “Neither one of us had the good sense to walk away. Nope. One of us would get a good tight wrestling hold, and we’d be stuck in our positions, with our sides heaving and achin’ like crazy. As soon as I’d let go, or he would let go, the other one attacked and we’d be gruntin’, slippin and slidin’, tangled up like pretzels.”

Zeke paused to appreciate his Sylva’s rapt expression. “Go on,” she encouraged. Her chin rested on her hands, her elbows planted on the table. “Sure thing. Just for you, my wife. More and more people gathered around us. They were cackling like a coop full of hens and some were holding their sides, roaring with gales of laughter. Truth to tell, both of us lost track of time because there was a group egging us on. The day was overcast and it wasn’t until darkness fell and were lobbing punches at each other that we realized how long it’d been.”
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Have a Happy Summer...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Coyote Moon smooch from the Kougar...


Gem said...

Good stuff, as always. Loved the excerpt from Coyote Moon. Please let me know when it is released and I'll be sure and read it.

Sylva and Zeke are melding into a couple who enjoy more than just the physical. I like it.


Serena Shay said...

Coyote Moon sounds wonderful... adding it to this kittens must read list which gets longer by the day! :)

Loving Curse! Keziah is a hoot. hehe

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem ~ I certainly will...
Relationships are important on Earth II...

Serena ~ I'm planning on using my day on ShapeShifter Seductions to give Pat some promo...

Keziah is my goddess girl. She makes me laugh...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sav!

Dropped into your website and saw you gave me a plug. You are the Goddess!

I really need to set up a web site. And get a computer with Internet access so I don't have to keep running to the library.


Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Pat, glad to see you here.

There ought to be some good deals on home PCs, given the economy. Just make sure the right software has been installed so you have internet access through a provider.
I use Earthlink, but I have no idea which one is actually the best.
If you know someone who has all this good knowledge, get their help.

I should have a website, but I don't. Everytime I take steps in that direction, it just doesn't feel right.
Heck, it's hard enough keeping up with the blog... my info is outdated on Kougar Kisses, and about to be corrected.
There are some good cheap web hosting sites, but I have no clue which one of those is the best, or reliable.
I keep a backup copy of all my blog entries, so if something goes wrong, I still have it all.