Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zinnia, no thank you...

First, my Sassy Summer KitKats, congrats to Jodi F, the Kougar’s winner in the SEXY SUMMER READING contest, scavenger hunt.
What a lovely cool summer day here on the tame prairie. This Big Cat is waiting for the hot-weather shoe to drop, with the hope it won’t be soon. So, now that she’s yowled about it... it’s probably just around the corner.
Wow! What an ultra-busy day with two blogs and lots of other postings. Plus, working on the next chapter of CURSES...
This day of the Lunar Eclipse has been a big crazy bang of a day, overall. And the Kougar finds herself rearing up on her hind legs. Rant below ~


Dorchester/Textnovel contest ~


CHAPTER FOUR ~ “Guilty, Officer.”

Keziah waited on his return, casually studying her short, but immaculately kept glossy red nails. Why not? Thunder-Force Man seemed mildly interesting. Noticing a tiny sliver of missing polish on the nail of her small finger, she blinked it back to perfection and smiled as the bright scarlet color expanded.
Lazily tilting her hip, she magnified her hearing, listening to the savior-king’s movements. Keziah could have vanished without so much as a sparkly trace.

More... ~

Authoress news and mews ~

Whew... the Kougar finally finished and e-sent her writerly article titled ~ The Nerd in Every Man ~ to romance author and ATV finalist,
Michelle Lauren. Moi is a guest author on her blog. The scheduled date is July 15th.

Oh, western-loving Kittens, run lickity-split over to Gem Sivad’s blog ~ ~ She is featuring the prologues of her BOUNTY HUNTER series. You’ll enjoy!

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 192 ~

Sylva basked in her giddiness. Yet, it was deep in Zeke’s eyes, his concern. “Is that why Ranson still holds a grudge? You whooped?” That seemed unbelievable to her. Though, men, who knew what always drove their actions? Her cowboy’s following silence began to worry her. Lightly, he squeezed her hand. “My whoop didn’t help. It was what occurred afterwards that sealed his grudge in a granite monument.” Sylva tenderly hugged his hand with hers. “What?” she softly asked. “Not my doin’,” he continued. “Ranson’s parents weren’t forgiving. They immediately sent him to another university, one he ended up despising.”

Zeke lifted his Sylva’s hand, planting a kiss in the center of her sweet palm. She smiled and sensually squirmed. Still, her question didn’t leave her sky brilliant eyes. Lowering her hand, Zeke raised his brows to encourage her voice. “On my Earth, university students sometimes pay their own way. Isn’t that done here?” She danced her tresses. “It wasn’t a matter of payment, my Sylva. Ranson could have paid his own way. It’s family. The wishes of his family outweighed what he desired for himself. Ultimately, he knew he wanted to be a part of his family’s dynastic ranch.”
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ 170 ~ see the Kougar’s prior bloggies... or the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~
Sunday ~ Lindsay begins with a ‘shy kiss’ from her historical romance novel, BRONZE LIGHTNING.
Monday ~ Francesca Prescott features a KISS scene from MUCHO CALIENTE, jellyfish included.
Tuesday ~ The Kougar blogs ~ A Kiss is Just a Kiss, or is it?
Lots of good author entries!
Tuesday ~ The Kougar - Lunar Eclipse, Triple Cross
Sunday ~ Sneak Preview: Coyote Moon by Pat Cunningham
Saturday ~ Paris blogged about the process of writing her novels.
Friday ~ Serena blogs ~ The release date of the THE CHALLENGE.
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Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~
Siren-BookStrand blog ~


Warning! Warning! Warning!

Roaring, snarky rant... big huge grrrs from the Kougar...

Yep, my Big Beautiful Cats, the ole reviewer sock to the jaw for the Kougar, once again, from Whipped Cream Reviews. First, it was the accusation that Baron Zaggry practically raped Lady Sheridan... gee, what? can you read a sentence? Follow a story line? Do you own any level of real reading comprehension beyond grade school? Or, has your imagination shriveled away to gray goo? While your ability to understand and experience intense passion between a man and a woman has been lost somewhere and somehow. Shrug... who knows where.
Oh, that’s right, you tossed every one of those terrible bodice rippers along with GONE WITH THE WIND and your DVD of the BIG EASY into the flames of your fireplace.
Truthfully, KitKats, it’s NOT the actual *rating, a 3 and a 3.5, that bothers this Big Cat author, since moi has a had a few of those from other reviewers, yet didn’t feel upset by the review itself.
It’s because this reviewer acts like her words are universal law, never to be trifled with, and not merely JUST her opinion, or her experience of the story. Nor, is the review presented as her educated assessment.
The attitude is ~ I said it, I’m the reviewer, therefore, it must be true.
No, it’s not, except for you. And, perhaps, for others. Maybe.
Dismissive shrug... yep, the Kougar has put her head on the chopping block once again, since the previous comments are considered a no-no in the world of publishing.
Why is that? Moi asks. Why do we as authors lay down and too often take it? We either ignore a less than stellar review that is obviously biased for some reason, or we cower in the corner with some sort of shame we should never be feeling, over a review that is less than stellar in it’s intellectual and emotional assessment of our work?
Yep, when it’s obvious the reviewer can’t think her way out of a thin paper bag.
Hey, really, all that’s going on, if real honesty is to be valued here, is that ole high-school maxim... what you don’t understand, put it down, thus, bringing it down to your level. Yeah, that’ll teach that person to write something that is actually good, but I don’t understand it, so no one else should either *mentality*.
Question ~ why should we authors remain silent in the face of this kind of put-down bias? No, the Kougar doesn’t mean there should be counter snarky attacks over every poor review. Nor does she suggest an all-out war with reviewers. Not at all. There are a lot of excellent reviewers who do a great job and attempt to be as fair as possible.
Indeed, sometimes it is simply best to ignore a poor review, and go on, especially if the reviewer is clear that is only an opinion, or their educated assessment.
Grrr-ing, however, moi believes there are times to step up the plate. Not to take an unfair shot. After all, poor reviewers get to dish it out as if they are divas to be bowed down before.
What? Can’t they take what they so casually and effortlessly dish out ~ often, with their only brain cell tied behind their back?
Every author I know is exceptionally hard-working. And, unless, you’re a reviewer and an author/aspiring author, you probably don’t own a clue about what it takes to write a novel. Not to mention, you may not be talented or persistent enough to even write a decent novel. Yet, you can oh-so casually ‘dis’ with your reviews. Why? Because you know deep down you could never write a novel?
The only reason the Kougar hesitated over claw-penning this rant is because Whipped Cream has been good to a lot of Siren-BookStrand authors and Liquid Silver authors. However, moi figures this will continue, no matter her personal dislike, disregard and disagreement with this particular review site.

Come on, though, why is bad behavior by reviewers allowed and not challenged? As if it’s some sacrosanct act never to be challenged. This Big Cat recalls hearing numerous times from Dr. Phil that you teach people how to treat you. Do we authors teach reviewers how to treat us by ‘accepting’ their bad behavior?

No, Zinnia, the Kougar does not accept your review of her novel. In fact, moi must wonder what your particular problem is as a person. Your particular diva-know-it-all attitude is not to be tolerated.
The Kougar’s story is NOT merely a ‘light, sexy fantasy romp’. Not even close. No, not even in the galactic neighborhood.

Personally, this Big Cat doesn’t ‘want’ you to recommend her novel to anyone who is a friend of yours. In fact, please tell them all you hate it and DON’T recommend it. Because if they do read it with the expectation that it is ONLY a ‘light, sexy fantasy romp’, they will most likely be sorely disappointed.

Zinnia, no thank you, to your review.

Murder by Hairspray is mostly enjoyable, and I didn't consider it either a waste of time or money. The story was interesting and the sex satisfyingly explicit enough to keep the reader’s attention even when the pacing became a bit too slow. I might recommend this to a friend as a light, sexy fantasy romp, but it probably wouldn't go on my keeper shelf.

The Kougar’s comment left on the blog ~

Gee, it would go on my KEEPER SHELF since I'm the author.
Given, you all don't seem enamored with my novels, please don't waste your time reading them anymore.
Thank you very much.
I work way too hard and put way too much of myself into them for this kind of silly non-thoughtful review.

No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...
HATE!!! > DTV> it’s a ripoff.

Have a Happy Summer...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Smooching the nerd in every alpha man... from the Kougar...


Gem Sivad said...

I believe they have fallen in love. You started my day with a smile.

thank you


Serena Shay said...

Let me just say how purrfectly wonderful I think Curses is! I'm loving it!!

~Kitteny hugs~ Sorry about the review...

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey Gem ~ yep, love is beginning to bloom.

Ah, Serena, thanks! I hope Curses continues to be enjoyable.

That's okay, I contacted them and asked them to delete the review because it gave the wrong impression about the story. Thankfully, they did. I hate to mislead the readers into thinking it's just a sexy romp sort of story.

Serena Shay said...

Oh, I'm glad they removed it at your're right, never a good idea to give readers the wrong impression. :)