Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jittery Kittery

Darling-est KitKats, the Kougar has the jittery kittery feelings going on inside... as if a volcano the size of Mt. Vesuvius is about to erupt. That announced, moi hopes it’s just her and not something on the near horizon.

Kougar ramblings and mew-sings ~

Yahoo, the promo loops used by some authors, aspiring authors and readers... there are lots of good ones, fun ones, for whatever your favored genres are, my most excellent Big Kittens... truthfully, though, moi is becoming less and less enamored for several reasons... one, Yahoo hell, it’s bigger and badder than ever! ... two, this kind of promo sucks up more and more time for less and less results, partly because so many authors are taking advantage of this free way to get the word out about their books, including the use of promotional businesses like Topaz.
Do that many readers really wade through all those posts? It’s not exactly like hitting the bookstore and wading through all the romance novels... why? The cover art is often pure entertainment unto itself. Plus, you have the book in hand, so you can turn to any page for a sampling of the story. Yeah, you can post your cover art on the loops... how much time, energy and frustration does that take? *meows* loud plaintive meows... heck and maaooow, sometimes access isn’t available... geez and eat your peas, who has that much time to devote to discovering when you can finally post? Plus, the owners of these romance genre loops are making new rules, in part, because of promo abuses, as they should do to halt the wrong excessive posting.
So, yowls, where do we authors prowl to hook up with readers who could be interested in reading our romance novels? In all honesty, this Big Cat author enjoys a good time party, whether online or in person. Big roars however, there’s a difference between hitting readers over the head with endless hype, or just displaying your novels in a fun way for their due consideration. This Big Cat authoress wants those cyber promo ways that present her novels to readers in an enjoyable setting.
Discovering those ways... well, that’s the great big leaping challenge... where are they... what are they???
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CHAPTER FIVE ~ Deadly All Over

To his credit Thunder-Force Cop beamed his gaze at her ears, decked out in dangling diamonds, before his stare took advantage of her offered bosom.
“Are they?” The cop and the man battled within his abrupt tone.
“Unless you don’t count the fact that they’re practically worthless.” Keziah caught the flicker deep in his eyes. “Diamonds have been sold to us girls. You know, it’s all Fifth Avenue image and hype. The clear ones aren’t truly rare or valuable.”
Using her sex goddess instincts, Keziah invitingly angled her hips. “I just like it that they’re all glittery and make me look so dazzling.”
The panther king blinked twice in slow motion, his prowess scent rising like tomorrow morning’s sun.

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Authoress news and mews ~

Wednesday, July 15, the Kougars’s blog-article, The Nerd in Every Man, will be on Michelle Lauren’s blog at ~ ~ Yep hep cats, who is moi’s favorite nerd? Clark Kent, the altar ego of Super Man.

Thursday, the Kougar will be blogging at the Liquid Silver Sex blog... about what? This Big Cat authoress STILL has not a claw clue... yet.


Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 199 ~

Sylva took her sweet time, roving her gaze over his extreme manliness. She knew it aroused him by his harsh pants of breath, by the severe tightening of this groin muscles. “Are you certain you can’t make time to relax your wife?” Sultry, her voice teased him. An impulse zinged through her and Sylva turned, gripping the edge of the tub. “Mount up, stud, before this filly...” Her words ended abruptly as he gripped her ass and hips. Roughly, he swept caresses over her curves as Sylva sang moans of pleasure. “Hang on tight, little filly,” he growled the warning.

Zeke thumbed the sweet sensitive flesh of his woman’s tailbone, listening to her gasp of bliss. The aching rut of his loins was extreme pleasure and also cut like a sun-hot blade. He launched his cock’s head against her silky folds, then probed the juicy heat of her heavenly opening. With each stab of his cock, she thrust her ass more fully into his hands and whimpered her need. “You’re in for a real relaxin’ ride,” he rasped. So easy it felt like it nearly killed him, Zeke stroked deep inside his wife, her tiny squeals of ecstasy his reward.
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...
HATE!!! > DTV> it’s a ripoff.

Have a Happy Summer...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

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Serena Shay said...

~meow~ spot on about the yahoo promo loops... I've signed up with a couple of author loops and honestly, I don't get much from them. It takes so much time away from writing...~sigh~

If you find the perfect promo, please let this kitty know. :)

Gem Sivad said...

I agree with you Savanna and Serena. Don't like the promo loops and can't take them seriously.

But Zeke and Sylva, now that's something I can pay attention to every day.

Savanna, when I did the Cat Nip on my blog, I announced each night on twitter.
It brought a lot of traffic. If you can bundle the back installments for a free download, I'd announce it every night on twitter for you.

I'm telling you, just say free, and they come out in droves. It would give you some name exposure and get them to your blog and maybe there every day for new installments.

Let me know.


Jolie Cain said...

never did the loops myself. according to mike the best promo is publishing another book. i agree. i never see harlequin authors doing much promo. that's because they've got a built-in audience. people buy those books because they like romance.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ believe me, if I do, or if I find something that generally works well, I'll share.
The Romance Studio is having a hero promo specifically for e-authors because they want to do a promotional on ebooks to make readers more aware of them. I just received their email today and haven't had time to check out the details.

Gem ~ thank you! I've never figured out how to do the free download thing. I could easily bundle the back flashes into one document, however.

Hey, Jolie, yeah, I think Mike is basically right. Though, when I did a Halloween in May blog that another author put on, BLACK CAT BEAUTY did sell.