Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer of the Romance Hero

Good Kittens all, it’s time for the hero, every hero and heroine, to rise up. Roar and rise up, the Summer of the Romance Hero is fully upon us. The more the Kougar curls up with this realization, the deeper it goes. As a culture, we are starved for real heroes and heroines.
Truth to meow and tell, TV shows alone won’t satisfy our soul-need for the true heroes and heroines of life... all of us, actually. No, the movies won’t do it, or all the digital fancy games via computer. What will count, ultimately, is how we all show up with each other. That is the Aquarian Age. It takes all of us to triumph over what is before us.
Even on the TV show, HEROES, it’s the group, not simply one hero or heroine, that saves the day... okay, many times over and the storyline has been complex... but you smart kittens get the idea.
The more we stand united, heroes and heroines together, the more those who have aligned with the dark side will know defeat because their whole game plan is the ole divide and conquer strategy. A strategy seen everyday, spewed out by the mainstream media. It’s about how this group is against that group and we need a hate bill. No, we don’t.
We need our hands firmly locked together in support of one another. We need our words of caring to eliminate any words of hate uttered. It’s all about caring for each other. Really caring, not mere lip service. That will outweigh any manner of criminal punishment, no matter how severe.
At no time in history has a so-called *make everyone obey ethics law* ever been successful at slowing down or in halting bad/horrible behavior. NEVER!!! NOT ONCE!!!
In every case it has only acted as an accelerant, fueling the very horrible acts it proposes to stop and punish.
Yep, in merry old England pickpockets were at their best. Indeed, their most successful pickpocketing happened once they were being hanged for their crimes. Yeah, that is how the world really works. You want to foster crime, make a morality law against it and repress a population in the name of saving them from the criminals and the haters.
As Advanced Aquarians, we are all heroes and heroines and love for one another will always speak louder than hate. If someone is ‘hated’ around you, yes, seek justice, but, first love them with your ability to be kind and understanding.

Okay, the Kougar didn’t mean to digress as she just did... still, purrs, there it is. Inspired by her Wednesday post for THE ROMANCE STUDIO main blog, titled, Summer of the Hero. As moi mewed yesterday, If you’d like to know the future of heroes in the romance novel and their importance to our society, this might be the bloggie for you.

Dorchester/Textnovel contest ~

~ Chronicles of Earth-bound Goddess ~


“Do I or don’t I leave Thunder-Force Cop with the nasty headache of no remembrance? Or, as some of us call it, bad hangover city.” Keziah sauntered into the middle of the alley. “How about the ‘it was all a dream scenario’? He might get a kick out of remembering me. Useful for hand-on-cock time.” With a sultry shimmy of her body and a toss of her hair, Keziah deigned her gaze on him.
Stunned by the intense raw demand on his face, Keziah missed her chance to blip-sparkle away. She’d seen that look once before. Not on a human. On a giant male bear lunging after a salmon. O Great Goddess of us All, I’m like a salmon to him. And he’s definitely starving.
“Come on, doll face.” He gripped her arm, one giant bear paw capturing his salmon. “Let’s go downtown.”

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Just for the cowboy lovin’ big cats ~ a sneaky peekie X-snippet from BRANDED BY THE TEXANS...

With his shaft threatening to let loose another gusher, Dash felt her body tense with ecstasy. As if she bloomed, her skin flushed to pale rose. “God Almighty, honey, you’re a purty sight,” Dash crooned.
Lunging to her core, Dono stilled like a damn museum statue, joining her. His contorted features were harsh planes of shadow and light, his silence as telling as the way he clutched her hips while his seed poured into her.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 213 ~

Sylva tingled in that fierce-chill way that meant a right destiny was upon her. Or that’s how she interpreted ‘the feeling’ from the events occurring afterwards in her life. “Legs,” she mumbled in the long silence. “Legs?” her cowboy husband asked, as if he snapped out of a trance. “Shaving them. You know, the smooth and silky look.” Continuing to press her hair dry, he lowered his mouth to her ear and purred, “There’s a cream you can use. In that gold-tinted jar. Or, once you’ve dried off there’s a wand that will make you smoother than a baby’s butt.”

Zeke despised the idea his adored wife might be one key to rounding up the dangerous Secret Circle Gang, as the reptile-soul varmints were called. Yet, he couldn’t in good righteous conscience ignore what she offered as a possibility. It could be part of their destiny together, the grand design of their lives. With her psychic ability and the pedigree he knew she carried, his Sylva might be crucial to ridding their Earth of such gruesome darkness. “Sylva,” he began. She stood, water sluicing down her gorgeous curves. “We’ll take your abilities real slow and careful. Do you understand, darlin’?”
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Have a Happy Summer...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Summer romance smooch from the Kougar...


Gem Sivad said...

Zeke is good at taking things slow so Sylva is in good hands.


Serena Shay said...

Oh-oh-oh ~big kitty purrrrr~ my highlander is back on the pics! What a way to start the day!

Then I hop over to get my wed dose of curses and what do I find? One lay me down and take advantage of me(please) He-man Thunder-Force Cop!

Oh what a beautiful morning...Oh what a beautiful day.... ;)

Thank you, fair Lady Kougar!

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem ~ Zeke does have a slow hand, especially with his Sylva.

Lady Shay ~ The Highlander is always 'purrfect' to start out the day.

Yep, Thunder-Force Cop never lets go of his prize.