Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Volcano’s Angelic Headline Forecast ~ The Coming Monkey-Chaos Days

And the Light of Liberty Prevails 

Pic ~ Male Angel By Antinopolis

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Note: Welcome to a new version of Volcano’s Weekly Angelic Forecast. This format has been simplified to Forecast Headlines and a brief followup. 

LAND CHANGES: VOLCANOS CONTINUE TO AWAKEN AND FIERCELY ERUPT ACROSS THE PLANET ... Earthquakes Intensify As the Year Ends ... Firestorms, Natural, Manmade, Terrorism-made By Various Despicable Groups Will Increase ... There Will Be Several Catastrophic Superstorms and Huge Flood Events

As always prepare to get out of the way, or stay hunker-bunkered down. This IS absolutely critical at this juncture-point in history. Also, the New Madrid fault line could have several shaking-events, but will likely not be totally devastating.  This year.

UFO/ET DISCLOSURE CONTINUES TO ACCELERATE ... The Real Stories, the TRUTH OUT THERE ... the TRUTH About the Inner Earth Worlds ... Is Being Revealed More and More By High Level Officials Around the Planet ... In the Near Future, France 'Could' INADVERTENTLY Release Great Quantities of ET CONTACT/COLLABORATION Info

Treason Rules the Once-Proud America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave ... the Clone Clown Prince of Fools, and His PuppetMasters, Plan a Bolshevik Takeover of the Country, As Depicted In the Film: "Dr. Zhivago"

The Dialectic of Control ... Fueling Race Wars, Throwing Gasoline On the Haves and the Have Nots, and Lighting the Fire ... Poisoning the Minds of the People Against One Another With Lies, With All Manner of Diabolical Deception ... Fomenting the Clash of Civilizations Under the Guise of Saving Migrants ... Mix With More and More Censorship, With Ever More Politically Correct Nonsense

Destroying the Aquarian Age Renaissance...Blame SPECTRE-SOROS, and His *New World Order Criminal* Ilk ... However, THE LIGHT OF LIBERTY Will PREVAIL  

Now, the American People of Every Race, Color, and Creed -- the Donald, and His Crew ... We ALL Fight Back, Wanting to Return To Dignity, Wanting a GOOD *Dreams Come True* Life For All. Because ALL LIVES MATTER On Mother Earth.

This Aquarian Age mantra reverberates, resonates, singing through the heart of humankind: ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE ~ Time To Build Lasting Bridges of Cooperation ~ Larry Pinkney Speaks: ~archives2016.gcnlive.com/Archives2016/jul16/PowerHour/0713163.mp3~

MESSAGE TO PUTIN, There are ***no*** sound minds in the so-called leadership of the West. PSYCHOPATHIC DEMONS ARE DESPOTICALLY RUNNING THE WEST, In Case You Didn't Know. We the People Are Being Held Hostage, and Are Under Siege By the Dark Forces. We DO NOT WANT World War. We Want To Be Friends.  

We want real peace with the Russian people. We want fair trade. We want planetary cooperation. We want a lasting friendship. We want to learn and share cultural values with you. We want your GMO-Free, Organic Food.

NO LIVES MATTER to the Dark-side Powers That Be, To the Evil Social Engineers, Who Are Pathologically Determined To Wipe Out Most of Humanity ... However, WE THE PEOPLE Are AWAKENING To Their ***Divide and Conquer*** Endgame, To The Toxins/Poisons They Are Saturating the Air With, the Water With, the Land With 

For ultimately, WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for saving ourselves, and each other. 

This Question Will Be Asked During the Coming Monkey-Chaos Days: Dr. Martin Luther King, WHERE ARE YOU??? What happened to I HAVE A DREAM? Where the content of a person's character is what matters ... Where we live in peace and brotherhood/sisterhood...

After this week, strife and civil unrest unfolds, raging in certain key areas of the country. This 'could' turn horrific unless there is Divine Intervention.  Prepare to deal with any and every situation you might be faced with in these troubled-turbulent times. Or, get the heck out of Dodge. Unless, you are wise enough, powerful enough, to calm the troubled waters.

Within a Month's Time There Will Be A Catastrophic Event Which Will Psychologically Shake the World To Its Core

For, this is a Machiavellian Reichstag-fire world, where reprehensible false flags, and psy-ops against humanity, will continue to be deployed like white on rice. Also, the constant threat of WORLD WAR will be used as a monster club to keep 'the people' in stupefying fear.

However, the *dark-side powers that be* are swiftly becoming the *powers that were* as humankind rises to meet the Great Challenge, declaring their spiritual independence.

Time to BAN ALL THOSE ***ASSAULT*** TRUCKS ... IMMEDIATELY!!! Suggestion: How About Retrofitting That Jihadi-Attack Truck Into a Robo-Truck, Which Will Work As Well As the Tesla Death Car, and the Google Accident Car

After all, would you want your *crashing-hacked* [always perfectly running...ha!ha!]computer in charge of your car, your truck??? Well...good luck.

The Pokeman Go Spy-Zombies Are Out In Force. Beware! Prepare!

Also, playing Pokeman, makes you a most convenient surveillance-mapping agent for the NSA, for GO-OGLE and for the Military Industrial Complex. 


Hero and Heroine from WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS 

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