Saturday, July 2, 2016

How To Build a Laser Bazooka ... You Might Need One

Independence Day Weekend yowls, Kittens...since 'they [the capital sit-in idjits]' are determined to come for your guns and ammo...well, here's one line of defense that could be useful in protecting your rights...yeah, and fending off all those UN troops, who will be occupying all those white UN vehicles that have been spotted all across our beloved country. 
Okay, while this Big Cat understands the concepts involved in building this light-blasting baby...NOPE, she doesn't understand the mechanics of how to build it. However, she sure wishes she could construct one of these bazooka beauties. 
Oh yeah, imagine if you will, a posse of patriots patrolling their territories, all armed with Laser Bazookas. HAVE A WONDERFUL FOURTH! 

Disclaimer: this post is for entertainment purposes only.

An industrious inventor has created an incredibly powerful 'laser bazooka' using only scrap metal and broken electronics.
Going by the moniker 'styropyro' on YouTube, the proverbial mad scientist detailed how he easily acquired the elements needed to create the monstrous device and gleefully demonstrated its enormous power.
"It feels like I am holding a bolt of lightning in my hands," he marveled while wielding the futuristic homemade weapon.
The source of the laser comes from a basic digital light processing projector that has been modified to focus its output into one incredibly powerful beam of light.
According to its creator, the bizarre bazooka's discharge is 200 watts, which makes it an astounding 400 times higher than what is allowed by the FDA for devices that emit light that could hit human eyes.
Styropyro also claims that a direct hit from the weapon would be comparable to 33 million times the intensity of staring at the sun!
Physical objects were also no match for the weapon during its demonstration, with a computer case, gunpowder, and a bevy of balloons all igniting after being shot with the device.
Fortunately the weapon does include a safety mechanism which is in keeping with its DIY aesthetic: a screwdriver inserted into a circuit breaker.
While we applaud styropyro's remarkable creativity in building the device, one wonders if showing the world how to build their own 'laser bazooka' is a particularly good idea.
Source: YouTube

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