Monday, July 11, 2016

All Monkey-Crazy Hell Is About To Break Loose

Volcano’s Angelic Headline Forecast
Versus the Great AWAKENING

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself... 

Note: Welcome to a new version of Volcano’s Weekly Angelic Forecast. This format has been simplified to Forecast Headlines and a brief followup. 

All Monkey-Crazy Hell Is About To Break Loose 

PREPARE. Across the planet, for the next six months—The World Goes Even More *Cuckoo’s Nest* INSANE—Far, far beyond the tragic events of this past week.  Some of the people will stupidly battle against each other in useless class-race warfare. However, many also revolt, demanding freedom, as the evil globalists attempt to shove their one-world governance down our collective throats. 

Revelations Around the Secret Space Program, and Earth’s Breakaway Civilization Goes Into Ultra High Gear 

In the disclosure realm of alternative media, the TRUTH pours out like Niagra Falls as whistleblowers stream forth. There will be gigundis amounts of info released, so much that it will be impossible to keep track of it all, for most of us. 

The Colossal BACKFIRE, The Bonnie and Clyde Clintonista Crime Syndicate...Too Big To Fail and Jail ... However, All *Tyranny By Blackmail* Falls On Its Own Evil  

Despite no prosecution, despite ALL the well-timed brutal diversions, and despite the whore-monger press...ultimately, there will be no forgiveness from THE PEOPLE. Look for even more criminal revelations, all while the Clinton body count rises dramatically. For those who are targeted, either go deep underground, or go public and spill your guts. 

The Seismic Sea Change of Brexit

Even with the slimy-slamming political backlash against Brexit, there will be a united core of heroines and heroes—throughout Europe—who will continue the fight for national and personal sovereignty. Also, Europe trembles on the verge of economic collapse as Germany’s Deutsche Bank rolls downhill like a big fat snowball headed for hell. Look for the rise and resurrection of the Aquarian Age VIKINGS. 

Here Come the Zombie Idjit-Hordes On Their Smartphones

This Fall there will be a major culture clash between the digitally mesmerized *we want the internet of things* zombies and those who are the AWAKENED ONES. For the Borg-Transhumanist elites will attempt to push their *machines are smarter than humanity* mentality on America. It won’t work—in the end. However, for the next several years, the battle will be horrendous, and will happen on many levels. Think the Terminator meets The Matrix, but much wilder. PREPARE NOW. For the *force the chip on everyone bureaucrats*and their backup SWAT Teams, are waiting in the wings of the dark-side establishment wings. They merely wait for the right moment to pounce like man-eating tigers...likely during a contrived pandemic caused by a mad-scientist’s bio-weapon. 

Meanwhile, the UN *BLUE HELMET* INVASION of 
America Continues Full Force 

Lurking in the underground-base shadows, the pedophile-thug troops of the United Nations are poised to make their presence known on the streets of America as the ultimate saviors—once CATASTROPHES AND CHAOS ARE UNLEASHED—once the people are begging for help. This *COULD* begin in Los Angeles, California. Your choice: Run for the proverbial hills. Be assimilated. Or be eliminated. Or, for the BRAVE ONES, join with true patriots and fight like the Revolutionary War Hero, the Swamp Fox. 

The Social Revolution Against Celebrity...Off With Their Ego-
Swollen Heads 

More and more, the general public will either fawn over their favorite celebrities like the most pathetic of souls...or, in ever greater numbers, the people will reject all things celebrity, going against the Entertainment Industrial Complex. Instead, they will go their own creative directions, and support others who are doing the same. This, of course, ushers in the great Aquarian Age renaissance.

The Siege of the New World Order Criminals Against  Humanity Nightmare-Intensifies With Each Passing Day, With Each Jihadi Migrant That Refuses to Assimilate...Meanwhile, Their Puppet Thug-Dictators Invade Helpless Countries Like Starving Rats  
Out of this Machiavellian siege, there will ‘likely’ be an extreme economic devaluation of several fiat currencies around the world during the next six months.  While the financial world shakes and shudders, as if hit by humongous earthquakes, the big bad bankster gangsters will offer *their savior solution*...a one-world, we’re-in-charge technocracy. Ultimately, the people of the world will reject this modern, dark-ages’ slavery. The struggle will be horrendous, the battle fierce...and mostly not televised by the presstitute-state media. 

White Hat Factions, the Reno Battle For the Republic...and the Southern Border War-Invasion Escalates Dangerously On Many Fronts: Criminals, Jihadis, the Drug Cartels, and Terrible Diseases...However, Many of the People Begin To Stand Tall, and the Guerilla Patriots Take Action 

Money, money, money...the White Hat Faction of the gov-establishment moves gold-based banking to Reno, Nevada. Deep in a hidden civil war for this nation, they are fighting off the globalist crime syndicate, and winning for the moment. Meanwhile, the border with Mexico is so *by design* porous that dangerous diseases—one example is drug-resistant tuberculosis—and scabies, are being *intentionally* loosed upon the American people, according to Border Patrol whistleblowers. Thousands are being sickened, and are dying across the country. 

President Vladimir Putin of Russia Warns Against World War In a Heartfelt Appeal To Western Journalists...and the GREAT AWAKENING of Humanity Hurtles Forward, Unstoppable, Despite the Diabolical Psy-Op and Tech Strategies of the Spectre-Globalists 

***Putin Warns of World War 3
Society hurdles dangerously closer to global warfare*** 

Despite the Terminator-SkyNet-HungerGames future on the near horizon, the Divine Cosmic hits keep on coming. That is, the golden, fifth dimensional energies of the Great Universe pour like a magnificent waterfall upon humankind, upon Mother Earth. AWAKENING to the TRUTH, to the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly on Earth, is an endless tsunami. Take heart, take action. Do your part to bring about the renaissance-paradise that could be life on Mother Earth. 


Hero and Heroine from WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS 

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