Monday, July 25, 2016

Volcano’s Angelic Headline Forecast ~ The Ape-Crazy Political WAR Ensues

This, Versus TRANSCENDENT Wisdom 

LAND CHANGES: Volcanic ash is covering the planet. This will affect the agriculture industry adversely in many areas of the world, and also alter weather patterns, thus causing a long series of superstorms. Colder winters will result, especially in Canada, and the Nordic countries in Europe. Other regions will become significantly hotter such as India, and parts of the Middle East. 

Major Droughts, mostly manufactured by weather-war targeting, and by consequences of weather geo-engineering ... this spreads globally, and will be countered by the Russian with their advanced super-tech. 

And, WATCH OUT for the continuing firestorms ... and the Earthquakes are ramping up fast. 

Headline: M6.2 - 66km WNW of Diego de Almagro, Chile 

Now the Authentic One of the Universe Arrives As Tsunami-Waves of GOOD Energy, and As TRANSCENDENT Wisdom ... Thus, Triggering the GREAT DIVIDE...  

Which will widen like ten Grand Canyons... That is, the LIGHTBRINGERS versus the Dark Ones ... The AWAKENED ONES versus the brain fried Zombies. 

These will be epic battles that tear many families and relationships apart. Look for ways to heart-communicate where you can. If you can't walk away as peacefully as possible. 

The Ape-Crazy Political WAR Ensues, and Shakes the Entire World In the Coming Days 

Civil unrest continues to explode worldwide, as already stated in the prior forecast. For now, the ***OZ Curtain*** is truly thrown back for the whole world to see, to view what really goes on behind the DARK-SIDE SCENES. The People will NOT be happy, and will fight back. 

Revolutionaries With Liberty Beating in Their Breasts, They Rise In a True Grassroots Groundswell As Never Before  

This Revolution-evolution Will Be ***Greater Than 1776***. For, the Phoenix Fire of Freedom Rises, Unstoppable. Those With Good Ideas Promoting Liberty Will Soon Become the New Stars of the People. 

Here It Comes In Slow Motion, THE UN INVASION OF AMERICA ... The United Nation Troops Are The PSYCHO-SCUM OF THE EARTH 

Know This: Humanity Is In the Crosshairs of the New World Order Criminals, and These Dark-siders Are Pulling the Trigger Hard. Get Ready.  

The Slow-Melting Snowball Headed for Hell, That Is the World Economic System Currently. By Dark-side Design. For the Sheeple Must Be Corralled, Impoverished, and Kept As Convenient Livestock. 

HEADLINE: "Bank Collapse! Deutsche Bank Shutters 200 Branches! (Video)" 

Worldwide, the People Realize the Big Global Banks, the Big Dictatorship Governments, Along With the Big Name Charities, the Colossal Corporate Foundations, are ROBIN HOOD IN REVERSE. 

Future for now: Despite Globalist-Machiavellian Manipulation, the ***Financial Titanic*** Stays Afloat Long Enough ... and As the People Turn Toward Freedom, Creativity and Innovation Rises Like a Powerful Rocket Ship ... Especially, In Local Communities All Across the Globe 

The Cowboy/Cowgirl Sagebrush War Against the Dark-Side System Will Take Over Center Stage During the Next Three Months ... 

Despite the Outright Lies, the Spin Twists of the Lapdog Media Types, Much Understanding Will Dawn Upon the People of America About What True Freedom Is, and Is Not ... and Again This Will Be Another Major Look Behind Evil's Curtain 

Thus, the ***TRUE GRIT*** of the American People, and ALL those who want and love freedom Will Not Be Boot-stomped on – not anymore. 


For, the Force Is With Us As We Unite Against the Bankster Gangster Globalists. 

2016, the Bad Side: The Political Prisoner Slaughter and Torture Now Happening En Masse In Turkey ... This Will Ignite a Series of *Strange* Events That Boomerangs Around Most of the Planet   

The New Medical Gestapo Is Here ... GOOGLE Has Censored Ads For An Online Summit On How To Prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia ... Big Pharma Must Be Very Pleased  

The Paranormal/Supernatural Revealed: The Reality of Giants In Our Ancient Past ... The Nazi-Engineered Vimanas Being Used By the Fourth Reich ... Speaking To Those On the Other Side -- Or Phoning Your Loved Ones In Heaven 

This week, major new info will be released/leaked on Giants, on one faction of the Breakaway Civilization and Their Nazi Spacecraft ... and since the veil is thinning, how to contact your 'passed on' loved ones with current digital tech. For, the two dimensions are coming together by spiritual design. 


Hero and Heroine from WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS 

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