Friday, July 8, 2016

SPECTRE-SOROS Strikes In Dallas...the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

Hey, bold and brave Kittens... CONDOLENCES TO HUMANITY as a WHOLE... we are under ruthless and relentless attack, whether it's when "cops go bad* or when innocent cops are murdered/assassinated....clearly by the vid of a shooter in Dallas, this was a military-precision op, which was designed to go live by the Spectre-type global elite... yeah, you know the new world order characters who want TOTAL CONTROL over MOTHER EARTH, and her precious people.  

This is a multi-pronged, multi-layered chessboard ATTACK-OP in Dallas...make no MISTAKE about it. Why? Impending Civil War is being fomented. Race war is being orchestrated. All with WORLD WAR on the horizon -- the horrific no-win war Putin is WARNING the people of Earth about, desperately warning. Of course, Western news media is ignoring him.

Truth is, kittens, there are so many diabolical angles to this Spectre *strike* that there is NO WAY this Big Cat can cover them all.  Okay, TRUMP is being blamed by the presstitute media... and that means those who are supporting Trump for President, are also being handily dandily demonized.  This will only continue and intensify.  Thanks, idjit-sociopaths.

One can only speculate if Hitlary Rotten herself is one of the *behind the dark-side scenes* perpetrators of this *strike* against the American people, given now HER MONUMENTAL AND PSYCHO-MASSIVE CRIMES are out of the TV LIES NEWS.  The topping on her manure cake -- the Donald is being media-attacked.  Oh dang yeah, remember the false-flag op in Oklahoma City saved the Clinton presidency, by his own admission... and guess who was behind that *bring down the American militia* op... Clinton and his evil globalist handlers. 

Oh, and now we get to ***federalize*** the police, have those AGENDA 21 STRONG CITIES ...yay! goody, goody. BRING IN THOSE DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE UNITED NATIONS TROOPS... yeah, remember all those white UN vehicles caught on vid across the country recently... so, under the guise of REFORMING THE POLICE let the UN TAKEOVER OF *AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL* BEGIN.  Enjoy! 

 And enjoy! the big fat militarization of the police...all those tanks, drones, and other KILL THE PEOPLE tech-goodies... GET READY FOR MORE SURVEILLANCE UP THE WAZOO... and, get ready for ROBOCOP... after all, now a ROBOT IS THE HERO. Yeah, that little sucker supposedly took out one of the shooters. ONE OF THE SHOOTERS, who they [media, etc.] are magically turning into a LONE WOLF CHARACTER.  Again!!! [never mind the eyewitnesses]

And, omygosh, get rid of that nasty icky SECOND AMENDMENT. Round up those bad-bad guns ... those assault weapons that conspired behind closed doors to kill cops, then robo-threw themselves into the shooter's hands. 

But, hey, MARTIAL LAW that isn't called MARTIAL LAW ... oh damn yeah, Americans will want that kind of Nazi-crackdown to stay SAFE from all the big-ass bloody riots.  Thanks, Soros-run Black Lives Matter. And idiot-copy catters.

Also, the MILLION DOLLAR question becomes: Will Barry Soetoro, the fake prez,  and his ilk, use the riot chaos, and MARTIAL LAW, as a cover to cancel the election??? To stop Donald J. Trump, and the populist uprising???

And what about this? Another cherry on top for the psycho-establishment. Now they get to 'legitimately' hunt down all those scary armed veterans with their big black SWAT TEAMS, and their JADE HELM secret *drills*. You know, hunt down all the veterans who are the real patriots in this country, and are well trained.  The veterans who will stand against the wholesale corruption, and stand up for America, for the American people.  

Okay then, the Kougar doesn't have time to further analyze this *DIVIDE AND CONQUER the American people*  MACHIAVELLIAN-planned attack on the police. Further, she doesn't know all the multi-faceted ramifications...what is most likely TRUE, however...this is only the beginning of the summer's killing chaos. 

BEWARE the Year of the Red Fire Monkey...because it ain't over. 

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