Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bamboozled Into a POLICE-DEPENDENT Culture

Hey Summer-cute Kittens... this recent deep-down realization has been weighing heavily on this Big Cat... she can look back at her own life and see how easily, we as a population, have been trained to believe we need authoritarian police, that we need more and more police protection...THAT IS, INSTEAD OF BEING SELF-RELIANT...everyone learning how to defend themselves, and defend/protect their communities...THAT IS, we should be encouraging self-reliance skills, training in those skills...because the truth is, we have been conned by the dark-side establishment, for decade after decade, into giving our power away. OUR POWER AS THE PEOPLE.
If those brave and hardy souls, the pioneers, who settled the WILD WILD WEST...had been police-dependent... the West would never have been settled... while that may have been a good deal for Native Americans [difficult to know the twists and turns of history, and what is really the highest/best outcome for ALL] ... 
That said, what if the people returned to a self-reliant way of living? One example is the Amish, and how they take care of themselves and each other, and run their own society -- based on self-reliance, and cooperation. However, they don't fight back when attacked...so in essence, they need outside protection from THE BAD GUYS. It's up to the communities around them, who benefit from the presence of the Amish, to protect them. 
In reality, there can NEVER be enough so-called police protection -- no matter how much the police are federalized, centralized, and militarized. Not if you want to live free and truly engage in life. If you want to exist in a matrix-solution and live in a fantasy game...well, Earth is NOT the planet for you. 
The Kougar has always been self-reliant in her nature. And this has saved her many times over. HOWEVER!!! How she wishes that she'd learned REAL self-reliance skills, in all areas of life...for the most part going to school was an effing WASTE OF VALUABLE GROWING UP TIME.  What this Big Cat learned in school could have been learned in one-tenth of the time -- at the most. That leaves time to learn fighting skills, farming skills, foraging skills, herbology, mechanical-fixing skills, sewing-type skills, building skills, art-craft skills...and on, and on. 
What could have been accomplished??? If the Kougar had been raised in a truly self-reliant and freedom culture??? Now there's a timeline worth exploring. However, this Big Cat is stuck in this complete IDIOCRACY INSANE ASYLUM. 
 Anyhoo, one example of programming meant to make all of us police-dependent was OFFICER FRIENDLY. Yes, a good concept: build bridges between children and the police. The problem: this was used by the social engineers to program children to not only trust police officers, but to believe they 'needed' Officer Friendly to protect them, rather than learning how to protect themselves, and police their own actions. 
This Big Cat doesn't NEED ANY authority figure to tell her what to do, and how to live. She doesn't NEED authoritarian, militarized police to run her life. 
Of course, people will believe they need these militarized police when the CRAP SMASHES INTO THE FAN...yep, that's obviously one of the global criminal elite's plans...foment groups like Soros-funded BLM... sic them on the public, then bring in the solution: federalized police. It's all so sick the Kougar can't stand it!!! ~screams heard round the world~
And, really, how many cultures really need police, or top-down governance??? Believe it or not, there are communities who can stand on their own through self-reliance, and caring cooperation. Communities who DON'T NEED POLICE, OR POLICING.
THIS IS NOT TO SAY, the police could not perform a valuable role in society. A good police person is worth their weight in gold. Because they truly care about others, and want to help...want to make a difference, and do. Those are the good people we need, regardless if they are police, or fulfill other roles in society. 
A bad police officer is an effing nightmare, and ruins society, ruining the quality of life for ALL in society.  The more self-reliant WE ALL ARE, the less of these nightmare police will be around to rule-ruin our lives. Think about it. Please. 
As well, if you know a good police officer, help to protect them...come to their aid, whatever their needs are. 

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