Sunday, July 10, 2016

Behold! Out of the Mouth of the US Prez

Wow, Sunday Kittens, this says it ALL... have a listen, it's only 19 SECONDS of your time.

How Many Shooters? Was Micah Johnson the Modern-Day Lee Harvey Oswald?

I have someone close to me who was a sniper in a branch of the military. From day one, he was telling me that one person did not do all that shooting. He said this was a coordinated mission using multiple shooters and the police were caught in triangulated fire with nowhere to run. He also believes that a patsy had to be created and Johnson fit that need. And just like the Aurora Batman shooting, where the perpetrator had over  $100,000 of high grade military hardware in his apartment, where did either man get the funds to have such a cache of weapons? Johnson was a man of meager means as was the Batman shooter who was a starving medical student. These weapons stockpiles in both cases were designed to enhance the false-flag narrative.
I was watching CNN following the shooting and CNN reported at least two shooters on multiple occasions. By the next day, the lone nut gunman scenario replaced these original reports.
I would encourage everyone to read Doug Hagmann’s account as he has interviewed an insider about the Dallas shooting.
And to Hillary Clinton, we hope you have enjoyed your brief respite from the relentless attacks upon your lack of moral character and integrity. You will soon return to the front pages of the media until justice is done and you stand charged with your many crimes you have committed against the American people.
Finally, I want to refer the readers to an Obama speech made in Germany in 2014. This 19 second video says it all and no further elaboration is needed as this represents the end game with regard to the present level of insanity that we are witnessing. 

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